Japanese game shows

I noticed recently that lots of american show are copying the japanese game shows.  To me the american ones are not as funny as the japanese ones.  I can’t understand a word of japanese but the emotions of the people say it all.  Plus some of the japanese game shows are just ridiculous but it so funny to watch.  I guess they have restrictions in america so we couldn’t have like a real japanese game show.  I think americans are just trying to bank of the success of those japanese game shows but they are just not the same.

in this video they have to say a tongue twister and if they mess up they get hit in the balls.  I know how painful it is to get hit in the balls but it is so damn funny watching their reactions when the get whacked in the nuts.  They could never have a show like this in the u.s..

If this show was in the U.S. they would most definetly get sued.  Its so mean and cruel but i can’t stop laughing the first time i saw this.

here is human tetris

this is the american version.  i don’t know, to me not as funny.  usually they have normal people but i found the bikini girl version on youtube.  Some of the positions they were forced to do was kind of iffy.  They made the girls spread their legs open and then right after they changed camera angle so you can see their crotch area.  You know what the show was trying to do.  Again sex sells.


7 Responses to “Japanese game shows”

  1. I remember watching a lot of those japanese game shows that asked for unbelievable actions, though the ones I know of involved eating or doing exercise with something unique like with a leg wrapped up or w/e.
    I just have to admit that cinema creates the weirdest ideas just to satisfy people and their desire to have fun? i guess you could say.

    The japanese aren’t that big of a deal with sexual attraction as is of american game shows, but they are just as guilty of showing that same specific attraction.

  2. loveandletlove Says:

    Wow, that bikini tetris clip was pretty fucking shameless.

  3. I have seen some of these shows and I have to admit they are quite funny. I totally agree with you, these kinds of shows would not be shown on prime time TV in America. I have seen some of the American imitations are they are definitely not as funny, they lack creativity.

  4. those people in the Japanese people arent just normal people. they are the biggest names in Japanese comedy doing these stunts, which make it even funnier

  5. I believe the media is trying to compete with other television shows across the nation. T.V producers are desperately creating these new shows to prove they are able to compete at the same level as other the countries. They to tend to borrow these ideas from the original makers, and decide to add their own American twist to it. People seemed to be amused by these attempts, as the media continues to feed more and more watered-down programs.

    I assume that all this bootlegging occurs because the media is always searching for the best ideas, and they continuously develop T.V shows to keep the flow of business running at an fast pace. I guess a lot of viewers are compelled that the media is actually taking some chances, and I give them credit for sampling these types of shows on the air. I believe the media in America gets so much publicity that whenever a new, insane idea comes along its most guaranteed being aired to the public immediately. Its just evident that America is placed on such a big stage that a lot critics don’t care whats being thrown at them. Its pretty crazy how America gets so much credit for these productions, when most of what they create is just imitations of other original works.

    Its appears America is slowly falling behind other countries, and the only way they are able to reach such high standards is by re-creating their own versions of T.V shows, which lack so much ingenuity. I believe the media needs to step out of the box, and start taking some risk in establishing their own unique productions. The media industry has been limiting themselves for so long, someone needs to actually step up and take charge of the system, or else they’ll be forever living in the shadows of Japanese games shows.

  6. meitanteibilly Says:

    I think the biggest problem when these American companies try to imitate japanese game shows is that they seem to think that sex makes everything sell better. the point of the japanese gameshow is to watch people make complete idiots of themselves on TV. That is why they are successful. The other problem is that we are so much more limited on what we can do without being sued.

    I do think that we need to be more creative with our game shows but I believe more strongly that they need to have less sex because people already see sex everywhere and when they want to be amused they dont want sex they want to be amused

  7. They should make Human Tetris into a real video game — NES original

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