HARD but interesting:

Find a blog or a website that is absolutely breeding hate, untruths, or propoganda that is destroying the fabric of a race, society, or culture…great example white nazi supremiscist, gain publishing rights to their blog or website by disguising yourself as one of them, the blast them with your thoughts on their belief system.

In addition you must write a 150 word paper to your instructor on the process and your experience on trying to conform to their mold and your argument against them.


5 Responses to “HARD but interesting:”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    so, you want us to troll, then?

  2. alamoluck007 Says:

    who is this guy? are you the teacher?

  3. huh! no i am not your professor but i am a teacher of life…i suppose

  4. not only troll but get passionate about something that totally pisses u off about the way humans press their own agenda issues beliefs

  5. btw…im a woman

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