Got Myself an R4


Download games to your Nintendo DS

Download games to your Nintendo DS

Sigh.. Yes… I know I know, It’s wrong…

For those that don’t know, an R4 is one of the many hardwares for the Nintendo DS that let you download games from the internet and play them for “Free.”  You can also watch movies your reformat and play homebrews (games made by regular people, not big companies).  Is it illegal?  Of course, but I’m a college student and I’ll do anything to save a buck (even if that includes drinking piss water light beer).  

Well, this post isn’t about my morals, but it seems that people think downloading games is a bigger crime than Downloading everything else (movies, music, books, etc).  Really, isn’t it the same thing?  How is downloading a movie any less moral than downloading a game?  Is it because it’s more expensive? If you think about it… a good game will cost $60-$50 and last you fifteen hours.  The average new DVD last two hours (if you don’t watch the bonus content… and most people don’t) and costs you $15 .  If you think about it that way… games cost you $4 an hour while DVDs cost you about $8 an hour.

I’m not arguing that downloading games is any less moral than downloading anything else.. I think it’s equally a crime.  What do you think? (and for the love of god… remember, we’re not discussing my morals)


13 Responses to “Got Myself an R4”

  1. meitanteibilly Says:

    Personally, I am the kind of person who torrents all the time. I torrent movies, TV shows, and PC games. Heck, the computer I’m using right now uses crack versions of Vista Ultimate, Microsoft word 07, and the Adobe CS3 creative suite.

    Personally, I don’t believe that pirating is completely wrong in all instances. The thing is that for most of the things that I, and other people I know in real life and on the net, download off the internet for free I end up buying anyways. When it comes to the video games and tv shows and movies if I feel the game is worth it, I make the decision to buy a “real” copy of the media. I support the things that I believe are worth it. In addition, most of the things I download and then end up buying are things I would not have bought if I had not tried them first.

    When it comes to Pc software I believe that Vista and Word are rip-offs and it doesn’t really bother me. The reason I use them is because they are necessary. And my Adobe CS3 I downloaded because although I feel it’s worth the price, if I end up not using it or needing it I would have wasted money(and since I have been learning and using After effects and photoshop I may end up buying them.)

    As for if certain types of downloads are worse than others, I believe that all illegal downloads are equal. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk or not. So many people illegally download software that they only punish the ones who download hundreds of Gigs of stuff, so as long as you keep the downloading to a minimum you should be fine.

  2. You seriously buy things after you’ve downloaded them? I understand the logic behind it but I just can’t find myself to do that. If I played a game, liked it, and finished it… I find no point in buying it. Don’t get me wrong, you’re doing the morally correct thing (from my point of view) but I don’t think I could get myself to do that.
    The only exception I have are DVDs. I always buy the DVD if I like the movie just a little bit. The reason for this isn’t because of my ethical issues… but the fact that I think the bonus features are worth the price. If there was a way to download the behind the scenes footage, director’s commentary and listen to them while watching the movie in a convent way without taking days to download… My DVD collection would seem worthless.

  3. herewithnoone Says:

    At one point in my life, I decided that I wont be like my friends and i wont get a r4. but they get me a r4 for christmas a couple years ago, so i might as well put it to good use. Now unless i really want the real copy of the ds game, ill go buy it. so far it has not happened yet. When it comes to music, Ill buy the CD everytime. the only time i wont is when its an obscure artist/band that i would probably have to special order to get the actual CD. Ill always buy movies and I prefer buying anime now instead of watching it on otakucenter.

    Reading Manga is the only media that ill probably never buy and will keep readin on the net.

    I also believe that any illegal downloading is equally bad but what about those sites that sub/translate foreign shows and books? A lot of them have the rule where as long as its not licensed by the USA, then they will let you DL that anime/manga. I’m not really sure how that works, it still seems illegal cause the Japanese companies are losing money but America wont do anything about it unless theyve licensed something

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    I think illegal downloading is becoming a big problem in this country. Lots of people dont think of it as a big deal, and I get their argument, but I have huge fears because I some day want to get in to the buisness of selling media. With a tough economic time, and more and more people having accses to free movies, games, and music, I think we are going to see a decline in the arts. It isnt like these companies dont know whats going on, but it is magerly sad that it happens. Yeah the big corprate fat cats take a little punch, but i am worried about the camera guys, editting people, the people behind the scenes who are loosing their jobs because of this crap…

  5. Well the country has tried to stop the illegal downloading with the change in music, and the fines the government imposed if someone is caught breaking the copyright laws.
    But to be honest, nothing will stop people from finding the latest movie or program, that would normally cost a person $20-$800.

  6. bigdickdaddy Says:

    As a parent and student trying to survive in America, i’d buy an R-4 for me kid anyday. If companies cared for their employee’s they should lower their prices so i can afford to buy the games from gamestop. 60.00 bucks a game is ridiculous. go ahead arrest me…

  7. meitanteibilly Says:

    are the behind the scenes people losing jobs? I would think they would be the last to go. After all, they have jobs vital to the creation of the work. There is far too much to do than to have one person multitask multiple jobs. You would think that it is the actors, who make an unbelievable amount anyways who will feel the blow the hardest.

  8. alamoluck007 Says:

    you know that is a good point bigdick(I laugh as i spell that out) you gotta look after yourself in this world. I tell that to people all the time who cry the government and workplace is against them. Giving reasons why they cant succeed, the only reason is your too lazy to do anything about it. So yeah I guess your right, sometimes you gotta steal to do what’s best for you and your family I can respect that. As for the big fat cats loosing money you gotta understand how business works maitantibilly, the big cats don’t like loosing money, so if it means more work for the little guys then fuck em! Thats what happens at least at my work place during this bad economic time, they cut out a lot of people and then gave us more work. Fucked up, but like i said you gotta look after yourself!

  9. meitanteibilly Says:

    I just thought that positions like editor and camera man were not something that could be handed off to another person. It takes considerable training, after all, to edit well, to be a camera man, to be a set designer, etc. It isn’t something you can learn on the go. I think there is a difference between saving money and not being able to finish a project and saving on actors and having a movie that people will watch. I could see some of the other behind the scenes jobs being cut though and I see what you mean

  10. alamoluck007 Says:

    your absolutely right tho, I mean that kind of talent is just what it means, it talent. I hope that these people don’t loose their jobs because i have the utmost respect for them and the work that they do. I just fear that our own personal greed will destroy this industry. People like you and I should be afraid of these disturbing trends because we want to get involved with making movies.

  11. meitanteibilly Says:

    It is disturbing, but I think that when it comes to filesharing, we have already opened pandora’s box. Although it is bad for our potential careers and the careers of existing personnel in the film industry we have to look for new ways to keep enough money incoming to keep jobs since there is no turning back.

  12. File sharing has become an old technology today. We have seen it way in the past with Napster and we still see it today via torrent sites. The mis-distribution of film, music, and other forms of media is a frequent problem. Many artists are not happy and lash out at those who steal their ideas.

    Creative Commons is an organization that tries to alleviate stress holds and creates an equal opportunity for those to share their ideas in a legal manner. With their stretching of the copyright law, artists are able to modify and change the work of others. I think this is a great idea and should be implemented more.

  13. I can see your point and it is just like downloading movies, music etc. but i feel downloading media is fine and they is no way to stop it. It is a growing thing, it is constantly getting easier to pirate software, or hack different devices. I think it one of the joys of the internet!

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