gansta rap made me do it

aint nothing to it gansta rap made me do it…

Ice Cubes thoughts on how soceity blames gansta rap for some of its on going problems. The lyrics in rap songs have always been known to be a little explicit.. I can still remember pumping eminem fuck you lines in elementry school. I was the coolest back then 🙂 hahahahaha

Do you feel rap effects our youth in a bad way?


3 Responses to “gansta rap made me do it”

  1. hell no.. we as people choose to do whatever it is we do.. i listened to rap since i was in the 2nd grade.. listening to Tupac, Biggy, Coolio, all that good stuff.. i can say that i have never been arrested or commited any felonies other than pirating music and movies.. and i’m pretty sure ganster rap and other movies dont promote the stealing of their own hits.. lol.

  2. yes, what the fuck look around all those kids that think they are so damn cool. maybe Kingrico has never committed a crime. but i am also sure he or she grew up in a nice middle class neighborhood, suburban home. Kids do see this stuff. That cool that some believe that it does not have an impact. I am from LA and I have seen to many Kids buy illegal guns, and weapons just because they need to walk to school. Hell yea some kids can not distinguish the difference between. TV and reality.

  3. herewithnoone Says:

    People do choose to do whatever they want to do but things such as gangsta rap may influence people’s decisions. its not only gangsta rap, but other music genres are also being blamed for its influence on people. Emo music is being blamed for teen suicide & depression. it all depends on the individual.

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