Counternationalism, “Reversed Racism,” or Collective Self Defense?

Malcom X and Haunani Kay Trask are controversial nationalists who call for nationalism as a means of self defense, survival, resistance, and reclaimation of freedom and or lands. Regardless if you agree with them or not, they are powerful intelligent leaders. How do you feel about these clips? If you are familiar with their work, how do you feel about their movements and body of work? Any way you spin it, every person in the US is implicated in the arguments these leaders assert.


2 Responses to “Counternationalism, “Reversed Racism,” or Collective Self Defense?”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    This is a great post. If after watching the clips you don’t understand what has taken and is taking place you never will. Listen to there tone, they are angry at how the US pushes itself on others. Slaves did not ask to come to America, Hawaiians did not ask for their government be overthrown. They are angry that both their people have been used for gain of by white America. They want something in return thats more than an apology.

    I love Haunani she comes off hard but she is a loving person inside. She loves her people and wants what is just for Hawaiians. all the things she talks about has really happened. She is not wrong or telling lies. She is absolutly right. This is still taking place a hundred years after the illegal overthrown. Is it wrong for her to have Nationalistic views. She does not consiter herself to be an America. She’s Hawaiian!

    Hawaii has been pimped to countless John’s. Hawaii is the prostitute, tourist are her John’s and the US Government and State of Hawaii continues to be her pimp. Its a shame that she has to brake it down this way but it is so true. Hawaiians need more leaders like Haunani. She wasn’t very nice to me when i met her but i fully understand why. Haunani you kick ass girl!!!

  2. jahcritique Says:

    I definitely respect them for the fact that they do actually know what their talking about and they ARE actually very intelligent people. Believe me I would love nothing more than for all the military bases in hawaii to be taken out and for all the tourists to go home. What neither of these two activists take into account is that Americans as a whole are not responsible for these acts having taken place. I think its sad and terrible the way hawaii has turned out but the fact is, there is no one alive today that is directly responsible for these things having taken place. By all means blame the government, blame the military and fight to get all you can from these organizations who have profited so much from Hawaii. One thing we are unable to do however is to turn back the tables of time, races have mixed, cultures have mixed and although its tough to face, Hawaii will never be the same. We need to focus more on making a better future from what we have then waste time crying over spilled milk. No offense but I think its ironic how the majority of Hawaiian activists are the ones that are half haole and have benefitted from their “haole” money which allowed them to study at “haole” universities only to later point the finger of blame back at them. I actually agree with what they have to say, but we dont live in fairytale land and we cant turn back the sands of time. Haunani may not consider herself American but with the last name Trask and the fact that she attended American University its apparent she’s in denial about some things.

    What about the Menehunes, who’s gonna stick up for them, wheres their representative, Hawaiians took over their land. Wheres their apology, Im sorry Im just trying to play devils advocate but really whats done is done Its really a shame that it had to turn out like this but its time we stop pointing fingers and move forward. Im fine with telling all the tourists to beat it though, just for the record. This country needs a hell of alot more people like them, too many passivists, doing nothing concerned too much with what and whats not politically correct.

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