Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency

What’s the countdown now?


One Response to “Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency”

  1. elikapeka Says:

    Yeah for Obama and change and all that jazz. It is going to be really interesting to see what kinds of changes are made in this presidency. It has been awhile since we had a young energetic guy in office.

    But I think we still need to respect President Bush. He is STILL our President, the one that America chose four years ago. And yes, he has made mistakes, every president has, every person has. But he has also done a lot. President Bush lead America through multiple natural disasters, an attack that happened in our country, as well as a war (whether we agree with it or not) that has done a lot of good (we don’t really get to hear about it but I have talked to a lot of service men who have come back from the Middle East) and the war did not really affect most of us here in America like wars in the past have (I am not talking about military families or those who lost loved ones, yes you were affected greatly, more than many of us can ever imagine). So let’s show President Bush a little respect, he has gone through a lot.

    And for those who don’t like Obama, our President-Elect, we need to respect and support him too. He has been given the authority to lead this country. So whether you agree with him or not, he needs our support to do the best job he can.

    Let angry comments begin… 🙂

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