Black KKK Member

You have to watch this clip. It is from the Dave Chapelle Show so you know you are guaranteed a laugh. It is hilarious.

What do you think? Funny? Racist?


4 Responses to “Black KKK Member”

  1. GENIUS! i mean.. when can you ever laugh about racist kkk members? its really hard and dave chapelle hit a home run on this one… it is racist but its well played…

  2. elikapeka Says:

    This really reminds me of what we talked about in class awhile back. If you add enough humor to something, you can get away with almost anything. You can see it so prominently when it comes to dealing with racist issues. But as I watched this video, it really reminded me of the movie we watched on the last day of class. “Bamboozeled” I think it was called. When you think about it they are dealing with the same issue in the exact same way. Because they used a black man, people can’t get really mad. What the KKK was/is is a very real issue.
    I will admit, it was funny.

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    i always laugh at the kkk, what are you talking about? those silly guys in their robes and ridiculous hats, they crack me up.

  4. I love this clip. It has nothing to do with porn though!

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