These day’s the “F” word just tends to make shit in life much funnier. Take for example the stand up of Bill Casby and compare it to that of Dave Chappelle. Sure Bill was probably a “hoot” back in his days, but now a days you need to be a little more edgy to get a rise out of people. Fuck is a requirement now. It puts an emphasis on shit you’re trying to get across.



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  1. It’s not a requirement at all. It’s a style choice. It’s not as though you can simply throw an F bomb into every joke and presto, you’re funnier. The persona that Dave Chapelle embodies on stage is one who uses explatives and racial slurs as a stylistic motif. He plays with repeated instances of harsh language in order to punctuate his jokes with emotional irony. Cosby used strange, exagerated vocalizations to caricature elements of human emotion for satirical effect. If it’s not as funny today as it was in 1983, that’s only because it’s had a quarter century to play itself out. A comedian can choose to limit their use of language for various political and or moral reasons and not suffer too badly. There are many ways to express a point or to produce a particular comedic style. Language is a deep well to draw from. If the audience senses that the comedian is using the shock value of profanity as a crutch, they’ll get pretty board with it. Dave Chapelle quit working for Comedy Central because he wanted to take his comedy in a different direction than they were willing to let him go in. Seems like even he got a little sick of having to do the same shit over and over. I’d say Comedy Central fucked up pretty bad. He’s probably the greatest comedic genius of this generation and I guarantee he’d be funny no matter what he did.

  2. alamoluck007 Says:

    To be edgy, yes i think swearing is a little bit more needed. However your argument isnt that strong because there were people like Richard Pryor in crosby’s time and George Carlon that swore a fuck storm. Being funny means to deliver on something unexpected, or relate something that everyone knows, but no one ever mentions. I thin Jeff Dunham is funny and he doesn’t swear. Sure he uses the occasional swear word here and there, but he is much more funny when he isnt swearing. Even Bill Cosby swore. You dont beleive me watch this video and fast forwar to the 3:30 mark…

  3. alamoluck007 Says:

    i thought that would embed i guess not… watch it at this link… fast forward to the 3:30 mark…

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