Uh Oh

This is an actual photo still from the upcoming Dragon Ball movie. You might be wondering, “why is Goku riding a quad while eating a drum stick? Why is Goku so scrawny? Why the fuck was this movie made?” All valid sentiments, of which the answer will be pondered over for years to come.

Starring Justin Chatawin, Emmy Rossum, and a slew of other actors you don’t care about, the movie is set to come out some time in 2009. It was originally supposed to be released much sooner, but was delayed due to mandatory re-shoots issued by Fox. Apparently they weren’t to pleased with the results. What a surprise.


7 Responses to “Uh Oh”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    why the fuck was this movie made? really, who the fuck cares about dragon ball anymore, anyway?

  2. looks craptacular but they will probably make a bunch of loot. sad

  3. loveandletlove Says:

    Played out. Remember when they made Cat in the Hat into a live action? Yikes.

  4. Yeah, but this is just one picture from the movie. Can’t make any other assumptions just yet. What if the movie turns out to be really good? or could be really bad too but don’t be so quick to judge by just one picture. Yeah I know, it doesnt look right at all but maybe they’ll have a good plot. Let’s just wait and see.

  5. meitanteibilly Says:

    While I try not to judge the movie before I see it, I really don’t like the premise of this movie. Most of the things these are based on were created by a culture much different from our own and most of the meaning behind the show dont get transmitted when they are converted into a western film.

  6. alamoluck007 Says:

    astanger why do you care about dragonballz? That was shit we gave up on when we were kids dude. I would ask you how old you are but i know you cant count that high

  7. I care about the Dragon Ball… being a fan of the series… You must care…

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