The Sixth Sense/Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

You want to talk about a lack of creativity? I used to watch the TV show Are You Afraid Of The Dark? when I was younger. Well, there was one episode called The Tale Of The Dream Girl. The episode is just like The Sixth Sense. So, I looked up Are You Afraid Of The Dark? on Wikipedia. On the Wikipedia site, under The Tale Of The Dream Girl, it actually said that M. Night Shyamalan based The Sixth Sense on this particular episode. That’s just nuts, isn’t it? Now, you don’t have to watch the entire thing, but it would help if you did.

part 1

part 2

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9 Responses to “The Sixth Sense/Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”

  1. I remember watching this episode as a kid. Yeah, its funny how big movies can result from small episodes like are you afraid of the dark. But this show had many good stories. Pretty much can make movies for all of them.

  2. Aww, that was such a sweet episode! That being the first time I ever watched an Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode, I quite enjoyed it.

    Back in the day, you were a Goosebumps Kid or a AYAotD? Kid, I was a Goosebumps kid. I loved the twist endings of them.

    Kinda off topic, kinda not: I just found out OldBoy was originally based off a Japanese graphic novel. That blew my mind.
    Heres a link of all the movies that are being made that are based on comic books, theres 84 of them in development right now.

  3. loveandletlove Says:

    There are a lot of stylistic parallels in Are You Afraid of the Dark and Shyamalan’s work in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more of an influence than we know. I think it’s sort of interesting that this show really was pretty low impact and under the radar for probably its entire run, yet most of us are familiar with it or have heard of it. I can see how it might have gradually trickled into Shyamalan’s consciousness. After all, we’re all influenced by the things we grow up around, even if we aren’t intentionally ingesting them.

  4. Are You Afraid of the Dark was a really good show. Its funny how this show was targeted towards such a young crowd. I must have been about 5 or 6 when I watched this show. Being that youngsters were their main audience its funny that they came up with such brilliant plots for such a simple-minded audience. Shyamalan really stumbled over a gem and brought it to a audience that would appreciate it. lucky guy.

  5. hypercritical808 Says:

    When it comes to the “scary genre” it’s really hard to come up with new ideas aside from ghosts or dead people. Like what ‘loveandletlove’ said, we are influenced from our past experience of things, and Night did an ok job of retelling it in his fashion. At least he put some effort into the movie so that the delivery wasn’t entirely obvious to be copied from a Tv show.

    I know what you mean though when movies adapt from things like tv shows, or books to make a quick buck. It’s not really thought out or given the quality it deserves, but from a Hollywood point, maybe Night was pressured to get a job done fast.

    I mean look at the movies we have now, “the sex and the city movie” the upcoming Dragonball z movie, or even ” the golden compass” (which I found to be a really great book but a crappy movie).

    Some reused ideas work, some don’t. People still have to go through the process of creating them, so they deserve some credit…..but a lot of criticism.

  6. Im not mad at M. Night for reusing this idea. But i do feel its a bit unfair for how successful the 6th sense was compared to this episode of Are you Afraid of the Dark. I felt like the whole twist where Bruce Willis is actually dead was the most original part of the 6th Sense. However, it was stolen which sort strips it of what i felt was its biggest breakthrough.

  7. japaneseperson Says:

    i never actually watched the sixth sense but if Shymalan did copy this from the show he wasnt being that creative and thats the whole point.

  8. M. Night maybe was not very innovative by stealing this plot but i wouldnt go and say he was not creative at all. I guess you would need to see the movie, but he did put his own influence in the movie and was able to bring this plot from a small audience to a huge one. But he’s definitely not as creative as I once thought.

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