THE F-WORD!!! (freedom?)


What is freedom? Do we own our own freedom? We say it so freely in this country you would think it was spewing out of water fountains. My friends the answer is a simple no. We are mad to think freedom is some god given right protected by the constitution. You are gravely mistaken. People, like the animals they are will take that from you, and use it for their own benefit. Trust me, you think your going to college to just get an education? Your getting that education to free yourself from suffering a boring 9-5 job. There are vices everywhere, the goal is to get past them so you can have the “freedom” to relax and truly enjoy your life. Freedom is the ability to be free of pain, oppression, unwanted scrutiny. There are people who are scrutinized at there working place, oppressed by their neighbors, or get attacked by people. It’s their own damn fault! They have to fight for their freedom! This country allows you to have freedom if you so do choose to take it, but it is certainly not given to you on a silver platter. No one is immune to these things. Freedom must be earned in blood, regardless of who you are or where you come from…. unless of course you are Paris Hilton…



One Response to “THE F-WORD!!! (freedom?)”

  1. Freedom seems to hold such an elite meaning to it now these days huh? I definitely see where you are coming from with this post. Freedom has been so hard to achieve in a world that seeks perfection in every aspect. It is difficult to see someone having true freedom because with all that freedom wouldn’t chaos exist? It is difficult to see a life without restrictions. With these restrictions come differences in opinions and eventually conflict.

    Freedom has been so hard to define in the society that we live in now that we almost have to say the “f-word” to describe the frustration we feel when we don’t get it.

    It’s funny that you associate freedom with Paris Hilton. Are you trying to say that freedom cost money now? THAT ideal is certainly not freedom.

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