Some gross stuff on the internet

I don’t know what this world has come to nowadays. I mean, my friends were talking about these videos on the interenet that were pretty gnarly. There was this clip called “Two girls one cup” or something and it was a video about two girls eating a cup of Sh**. Gnarly! they were swapping it with eachother and all that fun stuff. It looked like a cup of chocolate icecream or peanutbutter! ahh! and then there’s the pain olympics where they do all kinds of immensely painful things to themselves just for whatever. One guy was cutting off his own d***! Ouch!

why are people even doing this? What’s media come to, Is it for the sake of entertainment? so dirty i tell yah. Dont you agree?

MmmMm, Yummy 😛


20 Responses to “Some gross stuff on the internet”

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve seen those videos/pictures everywhere. The worse ones are the ones where you are searching for pictures on google, click on them, and then something like “tub girl,” or “goatse” come up.
    My old roommate use to find these videos, watch all of them… and then show them to use. After a while we stopped going in his room.
    Here’s something fun to do, go on YouTube and watch the “reactions to:” videos (i.e. reactions to two girls and one cup) These people film the reactions of their watching these videos for the first time. Hilarious.

  2. the internet has become a disgusting thing.. i’ve seen all those “two girls one cup” videos and i almost blew chunks… my friend thought it was funny as hell.. i thought differently.. my friend told me that she cried when she was shown the video.. there are so many sick people out there that get their jolly’s from stupid crap like this and that’s what makes this era so vile and evil..

  3. DUDE SODOM AND GOMORRAH were real places. the stuff that is in our faces now is horrible. everyone wants to be somebody but sometimes for the wrong reasons.

  4. I don’t think the video is that funny by itself, but I think that watching my friend’s reactions to the videos are pretty funny, just how my friends got kicks and giggles watching me get grossed out by it.

  5. herewithnoone Says:

    I have never seen any of those images or videos. I have heard of them but I will never plan to see them. The worst ive ever seen was a pic of worms inside a womans breast. It turns out that it was fake but it was a very creepy image. I enjoy seeing crazy shit on the net, but not that kind of crazy shit

  6. They are doing it either purely for entertainment purposes or to try to get attention. The World Wide Web has enabled people to make a “star” of themselves by creating some of the most outrageous and insanely stupid videos. It will only get worse from here, so brace yourself.

  7. fumanchu1 Says:

    I am amazed at how crazy the internet is now days. It is an extremely helpful tool used to send and retrieve data from all over the world. However, this can be a good or bad thing. Depending on how you use it, you can get famous off of YouTube, or end up on To Catch A Predator. You can find whatever you want online, and that is pretty scary. What about the idea of the internet controlling our reality like the Matrix. It’s hard to imagine how the internet will evolve in 5 or 10 years.

  8. That video was pretty nasty. But then again, some people really do get off on that kind of stuff, so maybe that particular video isn’t only for attention, but for sick pleasure of the scat porn loving people.

    It’s pretty mind boggling what someone people will do and post on the internet though. It’s a little scary that we’re given this sort of power, to post almost whatever we please. I just heard something about a McDonalds working finding someone’s cell phone with naked pictures of his girlfriend on it, and the next day her pictures were all over the internet.

  9. herewithnoone Says:

    its amazing how these disturbing videos/images somehow become viral on the internet. Either the original uploaders are putting random tags on their work or people are actually looking for these specific things. If it was meant for a certain group of people, then why did it gain its viral popularity? They wouldnt need to add random tags or anything.

    Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

  10. I’m sure when the people make these videos/pictures they don’t expect it to be a huge “success” I’m guessing a lot of these post are spread through word of mouth and become more and more popular. I mean, i’m sure there are other videos out there like “2girls1cup” that came out way before, but haven’t gotten as much attention just due to luck.

  11. thekingofeurope Says:

    was wondering when this would show up.

  12. Perhaps the initial poster didn’t put random tags on it, but somebody from the out-group of scat porn saw it, was blown away, and started the viral distribution. That is completely hypothetical though. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that people would want recognition in that sort of way. Like, you’ll just be walking down the street and someone comes up excitedly exclaiming, “Hey I saw you licking shit out of a cup on the internet!” Alright! Way to get some fame. But I guess that just shows how diverse humans are, and how differing our morals, mindset, ideas, etc. can be.

  13. tigerlilly22 Says:

    the two girls one cup thing was crazy that got so much attention… they probably hoped they would get a huge respone from it.

  14. if they were hoping for a response.. they sure got one.. i mean where can you find reposts of videos that are just the peoples reactions? thats crazy…

  15. meitanteibilly Says:

    The internet is filled with wonderful things! I mean, once someone told me to check out gurochan. That was some wonderful stuff! And have you ever heard of rule 34? It made me see all of my childhood heroes in a new light!(that was all sarcasm fyi.) Most of you people probably haven’t seen the worst the internet has to offer, and you shouldn’t want to. Heck I haven’t even seen some of the things my message board frequenting friends have and I have seen many things I want to unsee but can’t.

    Rather than fame, most people post things like this is because they like imagining the reactions that people have. They could care less about fame. They just want people to squirm.

  16. Good point. I never thought about people just wanting to post to make people feel disgusted or disturbed. That’s kind of revolutionary in a way, posting something to change the way people feel. But I guess in this case it’s more sadistic. Maybe there’s even a background message that the posters wanted people to think about, like how the world is really just a cup of shit or something and we should all just lick it up. Nah, probably not.

  17. Funny, I went to youtube and when I typed in “reactions” 2 chicks 1 cup was the first to show up. Well if anyone wants a good laugh check out these clips of reactions to people watching two chicks and one cup. First one is of a pretty hot asian girl, second one is of someone’s Grandma
    Hot Asian girl

    Someone’s Grandma

    The Q&A with the Grandma

  18. Those videos were pretty funny, I don’t really know what the attraction is to these types of videos, but it definitely is popular. It might be the empowerment we get from showing them to other people. Think about it, when someone shows you these kinds of videos, you know its bad, but you have to watch it because the curiosity is too strong. Then after you watch it, you feel like shit and you wish you never watched it. The attraction might be from the power that we have when we show it to someone else. It makes you feel better knowing that someone else can share your pain. This is why it spreads and becomes so popular so quickly.

  19. The users own the Internet now these days. The funny thing though is that users come from around the WORLD. That’s a pretty big place. As I have stated previously, the Internet is in a phase where users get to put whatever they want when they want. Censorship groups and other forms of filters are finding it difficult to put such media as “2 Girls, 1 Cup” off the Internet because it happens at a fast pace. Once these ladies were done doing their “deed” it could have been posted soon right after. So what does that say for this Internet age? The distribution of information is at extreme speeds right now and also the reproduction of such information is at the same pace.

    The aftermath of the video is what shocked me the most. The video was so popular, even the reactions were worth watching.

    People today just want to get noticed.

    Well, excuse me while I puke.

  20. The internet has become a digesting place and seems to have no filter at all. I have personally seen Two Girls One Cup, my friend told me to watch it but I had never heard of it before and I was totally surprised when I saw what was happening I can’t believe what those people in the video were doing. I have no clue what would make those people decide to do something like that and to agree to degrade themselves to that level. To me I thought that they were completely insane for agreeing to do that video. Who actually came up with this concept of a movie?

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