Reality shows, same thing over and over

There are so many reality shows feeding that cause other reality shows to develop on MTV or VH1 now. I mean shows like A flavor of love which lead to I love new york, then A shot of love to a double shot of love, to a chance with love, Rock of love to charm school… Ahh, theyre all the same! and yet, we still go and watch these shows. Its like you dont want to, but you just can’t help it right? Is it because we are accustomed to the same formula?

So what are these shows trying to tell their viewers? That we can’t find love unless its on a reality television series? Its so ridiculous, but it absolutely works. The industries are making money off of these shows, regardless if its pretty much the same concept of any other Love–whatever show. Trying to find true love is what’s in, its popular. How many shows are they gonna make until we get bored of them?


6 Responses to “Reality shows, same thing over and over”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    I watch these shows in hopes of something really disastrous happening (pumkin/new york spit, tailormade/budda fight, mr. boston freakout, etc…)
    I hate wasting my time with these shows, but it keeps pulling me back in.
    I highly doubt it will ever end, if they see the ratings go down, they’ll find a way to spice it up.

  2. The reason why its interesting that Flavor of Love and even I love New York was the popularity even after so much repetition
    Flavor of Love I, II, III, as well as I love New York I and II, had all the same patterns.
    Meet the contestants -> weed them out -> choose the winner -> reunion -> no love at the end -> new season -> *repeat*

    Its interesting how Flavor of Love I, II, III, drew in so many viewers even after the show basically was a repeat of another. As herewithnoone has mentioned, even with the repetition of the same formula, these reality shows engages with the viewers and keeps the show alive by having dynamics and outrageous events happening during the duration of the show.

    Lack of Creativity? I think so too.
    Great choice of topic!

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    bitching about reality tv/ mtv and vh1, seems like a lack of creativity to me. everyone’s already done it.

    but, if you want to know why these shows get ratings, it’s kind of simple. i think we have to realize that people, most people are into shit.

  4. tigerlilly22 Says:

    but why are people so into it? for the most part they are all staged anyways and editors practically make the characters but editing things to make one person seem like the bitch one person seem like the slut and what not

  5. I am a big fan of reality tv dating shows, its just amusing to see the degrading things some people will do get a shot at love (lol). But the one show that just tears me up is that pick up show on vh1 with those funny looking guys who teach other men how to pick up women. Them maybe un original and each season and show features something different that keeps us coming back for more and glued to the screen.

  6. fngrnailtree Says:

    i prefer actuality to reality. when i watch tv, its basically the history channel or amc.
    the reality shows dont have any pull or draw to me. they dont seem to have a message or purpose, and as pointed out, they’re all the same. it feels like such a waste of time whenever i see that crap.
    the shows aren’t trying to “tell” their viewers anything. they are trying to SELL the viewers something. the more that people watch their shows, the more money they rake in. love has nothing to do with it, unless its the love for money or attention. even then its more about the script than the life.
    im sure the industry will milk it for all its worth, trying to outdo each other with every season. it won’t stop until something more eye catching comes along. (or if television somehow died.)

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