Re: Is sex the only thing that sells?

Ya i think sex does sell.  Most ads have some relation to sex because it will catch peoples attention and some enjoy looking at those ads.  You don’t really have to think too hard when making an ad around sex.  All you need is half naked people with the product somewhere in the ad.  It doesn’t even have to be that noticeable.  Here are some ads.

This is an ad trying to show the benefits of drinking milk.

Pumas Kneeling

Ad for Puma.  I don’t know about this one.  Could be pretty disturbing for some people.

I thought this one was pretty funny.  Look at the bottom.  It says “We’re just as excited as you”.  Has the handbrake fully erect.

This is an ad for mens body wash.  Funny how they have a women advertising mens body wash.


5 Responses to “Re: Is sex the only thing that sells?”

  1. the reason why sex sells is because we are preconditioned in our day an age to believe that sex is abnormal and she be disclosed. so therefore making it mystifying to some people. maybe if sex was not treated as such taboo we would slow down this sex sells trend in today’s world.

  2. tigerlilly22 Says:

    people are drawn towards sexy things thats why sex sells so well

  3. I’m really sick of these sexist ads.

  4. People are drawn to attactive things, its just human nature we want a good looking spouse, house, car, job etc… its all conditioned in us, just like for example how most female news anchors are very easy on the eyes and are almost conforting to watch. if you were to see a scarey or non attractive person on there you would be as anxious to hear about the liquor store that was held up by a man with a palm tree branch

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