damn fake people and their fake six packs
don’t be fooled anymore


6 Responses to “Re – FAKE PEOPLE> R U ONE”

  1. Why not just work-out? Are we so lazy that we need to use makeup to fake six packs? We’re all gonna become fat slobs in the future if we sink to this level.

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    maybe, because working out takes time and effort. not to mention all the strenuous activity involved. fuck that shit.

  3. i think if i saw that girl out in public like that i would think she is so crazy that she becomes awesome. sometimes sarcasm lets you get away with some pretty amazing things such as the rapist glasses, trucker hats, and cardigan sweaters.

  4. i dont know about the rest of you but if i saw the girl out in public like that i would laugh at her and think she is a retard. i know she’s just making a sacrastic point by stating the fact that people go to such lengths just to make themselves look good when in fact they could actually put some effort into their bodies and actually make a difference in their appearance and health.. people are so fricken lazy..

  5. so funny! I thought she was serious at first. (note: she was being sarcastic)

    I love how going out with drawn on abs, and cleavage, is exactly the same as all these celebs with plastic faces. We can tell!!!

  6. Nothing substitutes for hard work and dedication. I hope she is just being sarcastic because if she is being serious she is definitely lacking something. I thought she would have at least make it look sort of real, i was actually thinking it was going to look real but she truly had me fooled. This is another thing i am noticing with all those wieght loss and diet programs being advirtised on tv trying to get million dollar bodies by doing the creating these devices that shock the fat away. We are in a day and age where people are so lazy but so disappointed in the way they look and wonder why they dont obtain their goals. Like everything in this world it takes hard work and dedication.

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