Re: Best Shot Ever

From the documentary man on wire.  This movie just came out on dvd.  Philippe petit walked on the wire across the world trade centers.  He was standing on the wires for over an hour.  the wire was over 1,350 feet from the ground and their was no nets to save him at the bottom.  If he fell he would of died.  This picture is symbolic because of what is being performed and that the twin towers are no longer here anymore.


3 Responses to “Re: Best Shot Ever”

  1. wow thanks for finding this. its amazing what us humans are possible of doing. how come i can do that?

  2. tigerlilly22 Says:

    this is crazy could you imagine the rush you would get from being up so high on nothing but a wire! it would feel so awesome to beable to say you did that haha

  3. he eventually did die from falling off during a stunt like this. just not this time.

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