This is an ad for the new white psp.  There has been lots of controversy over this ad.  Is it racist or not?  Everyone has different opinions but i think it is racist.  They couldve used different props to show white is better than black than using humans.  Not only are they both dressed in white and black,  but their actual skin color is white and black.  The ad is showing that the white person has more power over the black person and that they can just walk all over them.  I don’t know why they would put out this ad, they knew there was going to be alot of controversy on it.  Also in the ad you can see cleavage on the white lady, Again using sex to sell their products.


8 Responses to “Racist?”

  1. I remember in my middle school where my teacher talked about the importance of using animals instead of humans in childrens stories.
    For example my teacher told the class how in the story of the turtle and the rabbit, (where the rabbit was so arrogant that it took the race very lightly and the turtle on the other hand worked for his goal and won the race) the outcome of the story would’ve been so much different if the author had used instead of humans.

    I too think that this ad is racist simply because you see a white person almost abusing/controlling a black person.
    If they had used animals or even objects instead of people, the ad would ‘ve been a success dont you think?
    and yes… sex sells.
    Nice finding!

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    how about a beautiful white swan and an ape? that would work.

  3. yeah i think could be racist. im just wondering why i think that since this photo can be interpreted many ways such as maybe she is telling him that he left the toilet seat up or something.

  4. I also think this ad wants to emphasize that whites are better than non-whites. As you said, the creators of this ads could have chosen another design for the white PSP. But, they chose this even though they knew that many people might be offended by that because they intentionally wanted to show which one was better.

  5. I think that the picture is photo shopped, but that is my opinion. Everyone is a little but touchy on this whole issue of race. I mean come on is everyone so afraid of who they are that they feel like they are actually being type cast, and have to defend themselves in order to prove something to the world. and the thing with animals stop sugar coating everything that’s what is wrong with the world today no one can face actuality. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

  6. horrorbot Says:

    This totally reminds me of “Mind Fucks”.

    Find one.

  7. loveandletlove Says:

    This is just another example of the ad having little to do with what it’s actually selling. Nothing about that ad has anything to do with video games or the PSP. The sole intention behind the ad is to get talked about, and obviously it’s generating discussion.

    The idiom about no publicity is bad publicity is truest when it comes to advertising. I doubt there are a lot of people looking at this ad who cared about PSP before hand, but the fact that it’s getting all kinds of attention makes the product have buzz. Take our simultaneous repulsion and attraction to celebrities like Britney and Paris. There’s obviously something to be said about getting people to pay attention.

  8. Goodness! That is definitely racist. Not only because of the color of their skin but also because of the physical force that is being applied on the black person. The white person is thin, trendy looking, and forceful while the black person is overweight, short, and submissive. This shouldn’t have been released!

    This is from the Sony Corporation. They should have used Asian characters instead. Maybe they’ll get a little more exposure.

    I agree with loveandletlove. This has nothing to do with their products. If the white version is exactly the same as their black version why pose these figures as totally different.

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