No Homo easy mission

So here’s my easy mission response to the no homo video. I’m watching the video as I’m writing this and am laughing pretty hard. It’s funny to see this because back where I’m from the “no homo” expression is a pretty common one. Now, granted it’s not really used in extreme cases like this one, because the instances in that video don’t really happen all that often, but nonetheless it is used. The context in which it is used is a little different from the video, for my friends and me at least. We don’t use the “no homo” expression to excuse ourselves from “homo” acts, but use it to cover our tracks if we say something gay.

            I’ll give you an example I’m not particularly proud of, but I’ll use it anyways. Me and my friends after a long night out, went to Denny’s for some breakfast. I ordered the Grand Slam. Now, I’m not a fan of sausage so I didn’t eat them. With an empty plate except the couple of sausages on it, I looked up at two of my friends, Eric and Matt, and had one question I wish I had never asked. Not realizing how this would sound only until after I said it, I asked: “Hey, does anyone want my sausage?” Eric and Matt looked at each other with a moment of disbelief. Then, inevitably they started laughing uncontrollably. After realizing why they were laughing, I replied: “Oh, c’mon! No homo!”


One Response to “No Homo easy mission”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    what are you guys, like twelve?

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