Mother Does Not Know What’s Best

Mothers can be overbearing. They certainly do not always know what’s best. In the movie Stick It, Joanne’s mother wants best for her daughter. In her eyes, what is best for Joanne is not to go prom and to keep her daughter on focus to go to the Olympics. However, Joanne wants to take a break and go to the prom. Why is it that mothers want what’s best for their children when it may not be? Are they trying to live through them? Or is it just a mother being a mother?


14 Responses to “Mother Does Not Know What’s Best”

  1. as usual, its just a case of a mother being a mother, nobody is at fault. the way mother sees it is that nothing productive will come out of going to prom, while practicing for the olympics is obviously more rewarding.

  2. im pretty sure the mother is at fault. in my opinion. nothing productive will come from prom? maybe not for mommy but im sure the girl will have fun and thats productive for her. as far as im concerned the girl got all the talent and the typical stage mom. but if the girl did agree to move and commit to the olympics (didnt see this movie) then she dug her own grave.

  3. i don’t think that it’s just a case of a mother being a mother. it sounds like there’s only one way to be a “mother,” isn’t it? are all mothers have to act like that? –no. in that scene, the mother’s taking away her daughter’s power to think and choose what’s best for her. so, it might be true that the mother is controlling/using her daughter’s body to fulfill what she can/could not do. AND, if i put that way, it doesn’t sound like she’s doing what’s best for her daughter. so, she’s “trying to live through them” in your words. then what is motherhood that she’s living? why does she have to do that?

  4. herewithnoone Says:

    Both. some are mothers just being mothers while others want their child to succeed in a dream that they themselves could not fulfill. of course all good mothers want their children to succeed but the mother in the clip seemed like she pushed her daughter into going to the Olympics for her own self instead of the doing it for the daughter.

    Not will prom only be fun, but it may also relieve some stress. being able to relax once in a while is more rewarding/productive in the end instead of working 24/7

  5. soweird666 Says:

    – herewithnoone

    I know exactly what you mean. I remember one time, my mom told me about this lady that she knew. This lady happened to be religious. This lady also had a son who loved basketball and played for his high school. Occasionally a game or a practice would occur on a Sunday. But this lady insisted that her son come to every single church service, even if it meant skipping out on a game or a practice. Now, the son grew up and eventually lost interest in either going to church, or the whole religion itself; I don’t know. All I know now is the lady regrets having made the son skip out on the games and practices that were on Sundays. The lady thinks that if she had let her son go to those games and practices, he would still go to church.

  6. thekingofeurope Says:

    what happens at prom? kids have sex, then she’ll get pregnant, and her life will be over. mom is right, nothing productive will come out of prom.

  7. thekingofeurope Says:

    she was probably speaking from experience.

  8. thekingofeurope, i would love to join your fight, but for the sake of grades So weird666 has a good point. The boy who was always dragged out of basketball to go to church may up resenting church. He might not have even hated church, its just that he loved basketball. If church was always getting in the way it would be natural to resent it. Church may also remind him of his mother’s dictating attitude. Just as in this movie the girl could end up resenting her mother unless she lightens up.

  9. angielee777 Says:

    i also wonder if both parties think they’re right and therefore there’s always a feud between parents and their children. Parents think this way is the best and kids think parents are dumb and this other way is better. In order for this to work, one needs to give in…kids or parents?

  10. Neither needs to give in. It should be a compromise. Parents should give their children freedom and realize that they need to learn things for themselves. Kids need to take into consideration that the parents have experience and have had a lot more time to learn so they might know what they are talking about.

  11. thats true. but whens the last time that happened? either side is too stubborn to change. In this particular situation it seems like both parties have selfish wants. However, it does seem like the daughter agreed to move to wherever they are to pursue the olympics, and if thats so, her moms got a valid point.

  12. It can be a little bit of both mom wanting her daughter to do well and succeed but they may also get caught up in this they forget what that their daughters are human and they cannot and should not live through them.

  13. ok. so basically the point is that the parents need to realize that their children are their own people.

  14. That is definitely not a mother trying to be a mother. She was basically taking away he daughters humans right by controlling every aspect of her life. I don’t see how anyone could let someone control his or her lives like that. You are correct when you said that her mom is trying to live through her daughter’s life.

    I also agree with elukefahr in that their children have their own lives.

    I could see how things could go differently though. If her daughter was a rebel and didn’t have any talent, prom could have ruined her career if she was out of control like that. But in the context of this film, she seemed deserving to go.

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