Mothe….. Plaxico Knows Best

For most of us when we were younger and more easily influenced by what we saw on TV seeing, Rambo or some war or police film made us want to be like them and made us want have a gun, not really understanding the dangers behind or in them. We would go to our parents and ask for a gun for Christmas or birthday but in my situation it never came and my mother would always tell me how dangerous they were and would get me some kind of action figure. But still many kids and or adults don’t understand the severity of a gun, and some of us are still in the dark like in this video:

But there are some who have to learn by example and learn from their actions. Now i know we live in a very dark world with evil and bad people at every corner but carrying a gun only adds to the problem. Many times people will say well it is for protection when i go to the club and thats why i carry one on me (or maybe 3) but the thing is if your life is going to be threatened by being in certain environment get out of it and find some thing else to do. Dont add to the problem like this person did:

So if not MOM take it from this videos Plaxico Burress STAY AWAY FROM GUNS.


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