It’s the Juggernaut Bitch!

This is some x-men episode featuring the Juggernaut.  Someone decided to interpret the episode their own way, and overdub the original audio. Gotta see it.


5 Responses to “It’s the Juggernaut Bitch!”

  1. Racism, misogyny, complete lack of creativity… This video has it all! They’ll probably offer these guys a five season contract on Empty V. This is why you should plan and pre-write your satirical dub-over script rather than just winging it. The characters repeated the same retarded crap over and over, with little or no differentiation between characters. It wasn’t funny, just pitiful. I could have crapped better dialogue.

  2. ouch. harsh. i thought it was funny. but thats where different senses of humor come in. I have a very immature sense of humor. You on the other hand are obviously brilliant and have a well-rounded, intellectual and sexy sense of humor.

  3. ketsukusa Says:

    havent seen this in awhile lol

  4. Yeah, It was an okay overdub, but I agree with jklarson, there are some things that are repeating over and over. These guys must have been really bored, but its not like they improvised at the first take. They knew when the cues were and the timing of the scenes. They knew what to say…. but it couldve been a little more planned out.

  5. japaneseperson Says:

    the repeating is one of the main reasons i think its funny. maybe its just not your type of humor.

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