Invisible Tattoos

After stumbling across the sun tan tattoo concept, I found another form of body artistic expression… UV Ink Tattoos! A great way to be discrete about marking yourself up. After the scarring heals it is pretty much unnoticeable. Just  as “astrangerwithcandy” pointed out, it really is amazing what lengths our society goes to embrace current fashions.


3 Responses to “Invisible Tattoos”

  1. I think this is pretty cool. When will the tattoo be visible? Under what kind of light? I wonder how the removing process is like if you don’t want it anymore.

  2. This is freakishly cool…I think tattoos are such great form of art and they often times get a bad rap because of the connotations that is associated with them. Arts come in all forms and tattoos are just one form.

  3. tigerlilly22 Says:

    yeah i think this way of tattooing is pretty awesome it caters to those who want tattoos but may not have the guts to get one because their worried about it fading or streching out and so forth

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