a not so easy mission (med)

Post to ur instructor a 150 word  essay on who makes a difference in your life, a stranger or such that has inspired you to do something good for another stranger.  If you’ve never done good for a stranger I would challenge you to search out and write on doing just that, something nice for a total stranger and then report it to your instructor. of course some type of media must accompany your paper, post the video here, and the essay as well, and if say you absolutely dislike being nice or don’t see the value in doing something for a stranger, argue your points, here as well as to your instructor.


2 Responses to “a not so easy mission (med)”

  1. hawaii808 Says:

    What your proposing is awesome and can help shine light in this world but at the same time, when you do something nice for others you should not have to publicize it on cnn or on the media. Everyday you should at least try and do something nice for some one and that doesnt mean buying them something but just by saying hi to someone or showing someone love that way not everything has to be given actually getting them something but great proposition.

  2. the point of this msision is to get people who dont normally do random acts of kindness to get out of themselves and do something different, i agree we should do it bc were humans, but not all feel this way, and some may feel totally different…they may not like doing kind things?

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