There Is A Price To Pay…

The Obama kids, Malia (10) and Sasha (7) have become caught the attention of the public since they were thrust into the public eye. Women’s Wear Daily have dubbed the girls “trendsetters in training” and many more magazines have been doing a close watch on the girls, from what they wear to what they do or say in public. Do you think this is too much attention being given to the girls? After all…they didn’t run as “first daughters”… Where do we draw the line?



5 Responses to “There Is A Price To Pay…”

  1. hawaii808 Says:

    Well really once a parent or parents are in a postition where the lime light is on them as in this case President Obama and First Lady Michelle some of that attention will fall on to the others that follow behind as in thier daughters. Should these reporters and people be following the lives of these little girls? No, they should be focusing on the changes Obama said he was going to make. But this always happens, the media wants a story to advertise so that they can make a profit. But with a high status comes these kinds of negative parts. As for the media watching the things they say there are always people that will always be looking out for you to slip up and say something that can jepordise you or your families credibility. It is alot of attention but this is the sort of thing that comes with fame.

  2. ketsukusa Says:

    are the tabloids going to go after them or something?

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    i don’t want a president that’s going to be distracted by his delinquent daughters. as long as we keep the spotlight on them it should keep them in line.

  4. I think it was expected that some media were going to pay attention to the girls when they appeared in public after Obama won the election. However, if the media chase after them to get their every little information about them, it is too much for the daughters because they are just the daughters of the future president. Their privacy should be protected when they are not in public.

  5. Yeah, it just shows how obsessed, reliant, and judgemental people are about image. Quite frankly, there’s really no reason they ever needed to be parading around a stage with Obama- if we vote for a politician or want to hear the views or plans for the fate of the legal decisions backing our structure and government, that is what we should be concerned with and judging- two little girls, dressed matching and cute, with profiles in every gossip magazine now is disgusting if you ask me. Not to say that every politician doesn’t take part in this but honestly- this isn’t a family matter, do doctors bring their 5 year olds into surgery with them or professors have their family standing behind them smiling as they lecture??!! If anything it’s going to completely mess them up with so much pressure on them and celebrity status, also they with these times- they are probably in a lot of danger the more exposed they get.

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