Burn Baby Burn

“Designer Yu-Chiao Wang has come up with the idea of a Sun Tattoo. It is actually a ‘wearable’ cloth stencil – a robe, with a specific pattern. It requires staying long enough in the sun or having a good use of UV rays to leave on the skin a beautiful tattoo. The stencil covers only a part of your body allowing sun to hit certain areas. ”

This product typifies the absurd lengths people are willing to go for the sake of fashion. Even though the result is transient, I can see this becoming a staple within the Laguna Beach crowd.


25 Responses to “Burn Baby Burn”

  1. angielee777 Says:

    hm…interesting, i don’t know if i’d go to that extent for fashion, but then again the for some it’s pretty influential. I guess I could understand if someone didn’t want to go through the pain of getting a tattoo but i don’t…interesting is all i have to say. i wonder how they show off this “beautiful” tattoo art….and do they do this on their face too??? interesting.

  2. try to look past the initial absurdness and you’ll come to realize that this is a great alternative to a real tattoo. it will save many people from permanently getting their then-girlfriend’s name etched to their side.

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    just replace hepatitis and aids w/ cancer, good job.

  4. loveandletlove Says:

    That’s actually pretty clever, though I imagine it would be difficult to get it to come out that clean. You’d have to stay super still and not let it shift at all for a long period of time. Not to mention it would probably be insanely hot – the model’s arms aren’t tanned and I imagine to get the desired effect, you’d have to cover all the rest of your body. Pass on that.

    It’s beautiful, but too hard to do, I think. Most likely it’ll just get circulated in the blogs as a novelty. In terms of ridiculous, extreme fashion standards, I think this is pretty tame. Asians taping their eyelids to their faces… now that’s a different story.

  5. I suppose that this isn’t any dumber than going to tanning salons. I guess I don’t see anything wrong with this as long as it’s done for things such a movies and fashion shows… not an every day event.

  6. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    This is pretty ridiculous, but what a cool concept! I mean this saves people from something permanent that they will end up hating 40 years down the line. I cant even imagine how much patience this must have taken. can anyone say skin cancer?

  7. japaneseperson Says:

    this shit looks gross like you have some sort of skin disease but it happened to grow like flowers. i dont think people in laguna beach will jump on this body tan art because its not the expected norm of beauty.

  8. ketsukusa Says:

    wow interesting. first time i heard about this. I wonder if it’ll ever come off?

  9. angielee777 Says:

    i’m sure it’ll come off just like people lose their tans. I really wonder if people actually do this? i’ve only seen this happen by accident or as a joke. how do you think that people would change their tattoos…wait till it disappears? i think if people would rather go the non-needle route, they should just get henna or spray-on tattoo…you’ll be able to change it up more often.

  10. I think this is a terrible idea, health-wise. Obviously this will increase the risk and rate of skin cancer. I don’t think most people will go for this idea, well, most people who respect their skin and don’t want to have it surgically removed. But then again, people do go to tanning salons like someone mentioned above. But a lot of people are being really skin savvy as many magazines emphasize the importance of skin cancer prevention and make up implementing spf into their formulas, etc.

  11. I seriously think that people are just running out of ideas to make a profit. With everything we’re hearing about skin cancer today, who would be dumb enough to do this. I wonder where this idea started…

  12. it think i would do it. such a good idea. its amazing that no one though of this sooner

  13. I think people will like this Sun tattoo because it is transient. I heard many people have removed their tattoo, but here, they don’t have to worry about if they may not like the tattoo after a while.

  14. it was only a matter of time before someone thought this up. Staying in the sun long enough for this to work is probably not a good idea for your health. I’m all for vitamin D but I can see people going overboard with this trying to get their “tattoo” as dark as they can.
    another interesting note. is that lady going to be naked all the time because how else is anyone going to see it?

  15. I guess you’re right, the idea was bound to happen. We use to do this to our friends when we went to beach. All it took was a high spf sunscreen and a funny word and we had a person tagged for at least a week.

  16. I don’t think this is really a good profit-making product though. I mean people who really want this are probably just going to make their own stencil dress and lie out in the sun. Or go to a tanning booth. Why pay big money for something that’s just going to fade? You can just lie on the beach with like a paper cut out of a dinosaur and wah lah! Dinosaur stomach. Woopie.

  17. angielee777 Says:

    yeah i agree…it’s sort of ridiculous…but i guess if it’s the “in” thing..people will do anything for it now a days…

  18. To tell the truth, it’s such a simple idea that I’m surprised it wasn’t the “in” thing decades ago.

  19. loveandletlove Says:

    I don’t get why everyone is concerned about the health effects of sun exposure. Tanning in general is terrible, healthwise, but I really doubt wellness is on anyone’s mind when they’re going for the bronze. I think the point of the post was to show how ridiculous people can be when it comes to looking good.

  20. alamoluck007 Says:

    damn you can see that chicks ass in that pic. I wonder if that thing extends all the way down. It would be pretty crazy to see something like that in bed (hin hint: lets make a free porn blog about chicks who have tan designs all over their body).

  21. -alamoluck007
    Good point, if you took someone to bed and saw that, I wonder what you would think about it. Imagine if they stayed in the sun for too long and it started to peel.

  22. alamoluck007 Says:

    takao777- u just ruined this for me…. it would be like having sex with an onnion… its just not cool…

  23. japaneseperson Says:

    if you were gonna have sex with someone you would stop because of some unusual sunburn? youre not cool.

  24. Well if that someone is a stranger and their skin is all peeling off, it’s kind of disturbing. I mean, you wouldn’t really automatically come to the conclusion that it’s just her ass sun tattoo peeling. Or if it were in, I guess you would.

    The mentioning of health affects are just ways of covering all the sides of the situation. It would be repetitive to just keep mentioning that some people go a little overboard in attempts to be fashionable. I think for these sort of posts, it’s best to pick at every little detail so everyone can get at least three comments and be that much closer to a better grade. I hope that did not jeopardize my grade.

  25. I have to agree that it’s a pretty clever concept! I have seen something like this before though. It was on an episode of Jackass where one of the guys put the word “Jackass” on his chest and stayed there long enough to have it imprinted on. So basically the concept was already there, they’re just trying to make it fashionable.

    I think the idea is definitely recycled from the past. It seems like a safer “tattoo” that people won’t end up regretting (unless the mess up the stencil). Overall, I feel pretty optimistic of this trend. I wouldn’t go so far as doing a whole body tan but I’d give it a shot. I think evening it out after would be extremely difficult though.

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