An interesting word with many different uses. There are many words with many different meanings, with the original definition sometimes being obsolete in the modern world or being the less used definition. I believe the same thing can be said with the word “gay”. The word first meant to be happy or merry, then it referred to homosexuals, now people are using it as a negative word such as “That’s so gay” even though whatever is “gay” has nothing to do with being homosexual or being happy/merry. I did an english project last semester that required me to look up the history of a word. I chose the word “punk”, and found about the words origin. It first and original meaning was a prostitute. Yup, when you called someone a punk, you were calling them a prostitute. From there, other definitions grew such as: a young male partner of a homosexual, an apprentice, Something/someone useless or unimportant, a hoodlum, the thing that you use to light fireworks and keep mosquitoes away, the punker and the punk rock music that we listen to. I understand how people get irritated when others use the word “gay” in a negative way (I usually dont say anything or imitate flavor flav’s “WOOOOoooooow”) but there are some words that do eventually find a new meaning to add to its definition collection.


8 Responses to “F-Word”

  1. Haha, now this is something interesting to think about. I think we’ve all seen the Fuck joke before but never to this extent. I guess we can always add “Ass” to this list too. Ass, as far as I can remember it, started as another word for donkey, then went on to becoming a body part, and now is used in terms such as, “you’re such an ass” or “thats a big ass building”

  2. Yeah, totally. words that convey different meanings and used in different ways. How about the word “shit”. Another word for feces right? well nowadays, people use the word in sentences like “Ahh! now i gatta clean all this shit up!”. or “Dang, that was the shits!” and “Shit, I fu*ked up!” Hmm, what other words are there…

  3. It’s sad, if you type almost any word in Urban Dictionary you will get a lot of different uses for the words, how real they are are yet to be determined…

  4. Ohh yeah, thats right. I forgot about the urban dictionary. I remember making a word in there. Any one can totally make up the meaning of a any word like for instance “kangaroo” and make a meaning for it and use it in different terms. check out the site urbandictionary.com.

  5. herewithnoone Says:

    yea, sometimes i find crazy definitions for some words on that site. Thats why I used a physical dictionary (in a form of a book) to do my english paper. that at least gives me the “official” definitions of words

  6. Uhuh, the traditional dictionary is a must for papers. But i think the latest dictionaries include some slang words in there too. Even the dictionary includes many words that convey different meanings. The slang words that we used today will probably be in the regular dictionary in the future.

  7. That was Fucking Funny. I just noticed that when i typed the word fucking it did not spell check it,hahahahhahahah. Well our lexicon in today’s society is pretty funny, people do attach connotations with words all to often that I feel. If someone calls a black person a nigger it can effect them for years to come just from a simple vibration of a vocal chord (talking). I think people forget that a word only means what you let it mean to you. SO HAVE A FUCKING GREAT DAY> see there FUCK is not derogatory. hahhah

  8. fuck fucking fucked fucker… Yup, fucker still isn’t picked up by Safari.
    Lets try shit
    Shit shitting shity…
    Yup, Shity isn’t a real word ether.
    I checked google to make sure I spelt it right, and the first result I got was:
    shity cock – 1 definition – one who has shit on his cock.

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