Dance Dance

Here is a dance that has more (positive) popularity than soulja boy’s crank dat or his new one, birdwalk…

The video above is the original dance performed by the anime characters in the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I havent seen the show but I do want to watch some day. The anime and the dance has become quite popular.

These prisoners first gained popularity from performing Michael Jackson’s thriller dance. Now they are doing the dance to a Japanese cartoon show.

This last video shows that the dance has reached around the whole world. Pretty amazing in my eyes. Hawaii is shown at 2:20.


2 Responses to “Dance Dance”

  1. I saw this anime seiries a long time ago and I’ve seen many different versions of this dance… but never expected to see the Prisoners from the Filipinos doing this… I first saw them doing the soulja boy dance…

    And thought nothing of it… but wow… this is something that no american prisoner would do.

  2. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    bwahahaha shit is ridic

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