Re:When will it be Enough?

Chivalry is lame…Cool kids are chauvinists

This is a clip off the Dr. Phil Show where Dr. Phil has a guest named Dick Masterson.  He is an openly-stated chauvinist and the author of the book “Men are better than Women.”  He comes on the show and whole-heartedly lays all his beliefs about women and men on the table. 



You can’t compare every aspect and characteristic of men and women because they are innately different.  Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  Although Mars is the bigger, stronger planet (I’m kidding about the metaphor… but Mars is bigger). Both genders have pros and cons.  Intellectually men do have larger brains, which have been linked to intelligence.  However, women have a larger frontal lobe which is responsible from problem-solving and decision-making and a larger limbic cortex which is responsible for regulating emotion.  Men have bigger parietal cortex, which in involved with space perception (parking cars :p) and a bigger amygdala, which regulates sexual and social behavior.  The list goes on and on.  Every person has different attributes and abilities regardless of gender. These differences shouldn’t have to involve comparison.


PS: The end is priceless.  Although I don’t agree with Dick, you have to admit, he PWNED (for lack of a better word) that women.  Her face looks like she just witnessed a murder.


21 Responses to “Re:When will it be Enough?”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    my new hero

  2. wolffie503 Says:

    o man…that guy ticks me off beyond belief. The fact that he makes a comparison between men training a dog and men training his woman…wow. I don’t see how a girl would honestly think a guy like him is attractive. “All women are good for is to have kids, and they can’t even do that” wow. this is ridiculous.

  3. he said they cant raise um. but yeah, pretty ridiculous.

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    DR PHIL- “Ignore the fact that we only give his first name and that he wont show his face or give his identity. This guy was toatally not planted. He has a website you know! That means he couldn’t possibly be a planted actor!”

    Its amazing how “Dick” can say 10 million bad things about women in one minute, like thats all he thinks about. When did Dr. Phil become Jerry Springer? I swear people belive Dr. Phil cause he is a Doctor and couldnt possibley lie to me!

  5. idk man. just because alot of things on tv and the internet are fake doesnt mean this is. he did write a whole book and has website. would he go through all that trouble to be Dr. Phil’s plant? did you read my post? I said his full name is dick masterson. I just would like to know what makes you so sure hes fake?

  6. what was the point of Dick being on the show? was he just there so the all-female crowd of dr. phil could diss him and flame him?

  7. dont know. publicity maybe.

  8. slamdunkthis Says:

    “a larger limbic cortex which is responsible for regulating emotion”
    Sorry for sounding sexist, but I’m pretty sure PMS is a known issue

  9. alamoluck007 Says:

    im sorry jeffrah i just skimmed through the post (translation: I really didnt read the post and as being apart of the ADD generation I just watched the video. The name on the video just said “dick”.) I guess your right that this idiot isn’t just an actor on Dr. Phil but has been actting this whole time to sell his books and advertisments on his website. I could not find a biography on him but im absolutly certain stephen colbert does not act the way he does in his shoe in real life. Mr. masterson (if thats ur real name) you are a genius, play the absolute nasty character so that you can sell to people who sort of believe what ur saying, and to people like the women in the crowed who just want to hate you. smart smart smart… Theres no such thing as bad publicity…

  10. yeah good point. dick masterson is too perfect of a name for this guy. if thats his real name he really lived up to the hype.

  11. thekingofeurope Says:

    this looks like the guy from reno 911.

  12. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Dick Masterson sounds like a transsexual porn star.

  13. haha. and where would someone become an expert on the voices of transsexual porn stars?

  14. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    on my favorite website duh.

  15. Im embarrassed. I should have known my transsexual porn sites better than that. Dick Masterson. thats too good of name. youre probably right. he is a transsexual pornstar.

    PS: if anyone has real comments that don’t pertain to this transsexual pornstar tangent feel free to interrupt.

  16. slamdunkthis Says:

    haha, he had to have changed his name to get into the biz

  17. alamoluck007 Says:

    his guy is an excelent example of how “right things” don’t sell, rather controversial things sell. Follow me now: Mr. Masterson may or may not be a chauvanist but I know for one to never trust ANYONE who makes good money selling radical oppinions. So he puts out a book with strew of horrible things to say about women. Some moderate chauvanistic males buy it cause they need a role model. But for the most part it puts his name out there. He goes on tv shows, and continues to be controversial, saying messed up things so people will hear his name, maybee buy his book. He has a website and makes money off it by people going to his website. People who don’t like him go on the website to see how crazy he is in the head and don’t realize they just paid him off. Every single person who clicks his web page gives him more advertising from amazon and borders. Point is he makes money being radical and being on DR.Phil helped him out. Sad that Dr. Phil isn’t about being a DR. rather about getting paid…

  18. alamoluck007 Says:

    ps i thought i saw a strangerwithcandy on rubbing hot oil on his dads dick

  19. funny you know what astrangerwithcandy looks like, and even funnier that you know what his dad’s dick looks like.

  20. He definitely shut the lady up at the end, be he is a moron and an idiot about what he said, of course women helped are in charge and in some cases are better in running things than men. Men can be sluts and whores as well, I mean in society a women who has multiple partners is looked down upon while a man is praised but in reality they are both wrong. And there are many women who do construction and back breaking work. That guy definitely is a dumb ass but there was one thing he said that was kind of true and that is women are attracted to guys that will put them down and treat them like dirty.

  21. This was an interesting post because there was a thin line between Dr. Phil turning into the Jerry Springer show. I’m not to familiar with chauvinists’ movements but the impression I got out of this left me feeling offended. The way Dick presents himself basically reflects his name. He would appear to be more credible if he didn’t look like a stuck up rich guy.

    However, the woman at the end of the video didn’t reflect the woman race any better. She just sounded pissed off and couldn’t do anything but ridicule the guy. In the end she couldn’t eve come up with an answer.

    It is interesting to see a chauvinist. I think they should be exposed more often to see how much of an impact they could have on society. I feel that we already know the influence feminist can have but this is another dimension

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