Re: When will it be enough?



(Easy Mission): Answer these questions, or research and find something relating to househusbands.
How common are househusbands? Do you think men get criticized for being a “househusband”? Do males think less of a man if here were a “househusband’?


4 Responses to “Re: When will it be enough?”

  1. japaneseperson Says:

    now days how common are housewives? but i wouldnt think less of a man or woman if they stayed at home. if they can afford or choose to stay at home its their partners and their own personal decision. although they would be looked down on because society pushes the male income dominance. what are the goals for men anyway? to get married, have children, and support their family. if they do otherwise they are deemed as unsuccessful or a failure.

  2. househusbands are becoming more and more common as society starts to accept that the gender roles in a relationship can be switched. I don’t think he would be openly criticized for being a househusband but I think many men will still feel weird about they reversal of these roles. However, it really only matters if the househusband feels about the situation. As long as he is comfortable with his role in the relationship there should be no problem.

  3. herewithnoone Says:

    I know of a family where the wife has a job (army reserve) and the husband stays at home taking care of the child, cooking meals, and cleaning the house. I guess he would be the guy that other guys wont like if their own wives find out that he does all those things.

  4. of course men would be criticized for being househusbands among other men. Because they would criticize the man stay home as not being the one who brings in the bank and not the one doing serious manual labor. they would def look down upon him but in reality keeping house is a very tough job, i mean it is not construction but it can wear you down and then there are the kids.

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