I am Geisha!

On the left is make up that was inspired by the original geisha make up on the right.  The make up on the left is from a runway show.

Easy Mission:

Which one do you think looks better?  Do you think that Geisha type of make up should be brought into the “fashion” world?


2 Responses to “I am Geisha!”

  1. loveandletlove Says:

    Most things “high fashion,” clothing and makeup included, aren’t intended for everyday wear. They’re conceptual more than practical, and most are never available for sale. The people who model them are dressed and styled to fit into this fantasy. To this end, it makes sense they would introduce a makeup style rooted in costume and performance history.

    I don’t really dig it, but I think in general, things that we consider to be cutting edge and avant garde always tend to border on really horrendous. I don’t find any of those looks attractive, but I don’t think beauty is really the point here. Fashion, like other art forms, is about getting a reaction, and geisha makeup here seems to be someone’s idea of shocking and clever.

    Would I put that on my face? No. But I don’t find it at all surprising that it’s been “brought into the fashion world.”

  2. i think that the all look good because they all noticed that the Geisha looks cool as hell with bright colors around her eyes. the only thing that may be wrong with it might be that sometimes mimicking a culture could lead to stereotypes about that culture.

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