HEY you!?!@ YEAH YOU!! WaTcH tHiS aNd CoMmEnT

Easy MISSION: Answer this question and comment..Yes or No…Does this video of a 12 year old basketball player girl involve sexism?


9 Responses to “HEY you!?!@ YEAH YOU!! WaTcH tHiS aNd CoMmEnT”

  1. yes, i believe that it definitely does involve sexism. men are very arrogant so if they see a woman succeeding them in anything, they will do much to stop it. if the girl was just a run-of-the-mill player, there wouldn’t be any problem but because she is better than the boys, the federation has to step in.

  2. loveandletlove Says:

    I don’t think it directly involves sexism, it just happened to be an easy shot because she’s a girl. If she were a boy and played that well, the parents probably also would have complained and tried to find a way to block her from playing. Any time someone sticks out too much, people are going to find a way to try and hammer them back in line. That she was a girl on top of being really talented just made it that much easier.

    She already knows she’s better than everyone there, so she can still play with the girls, I guess, and take comfort in knowing that it’s not because she never had the chance to prove herself. At least she seems pretty humble and modest, not like Michelle Wie who’s always trying to get special privileges.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    yes, of course. wouldnt it be the same if the girl was getting the shit knocked out of her? would you feel like she should continue playing? i personally dont like it when girls play against guys because the guys cant play as hard because society looks down on guys beating on girls. maybe she should play against better male players i mean she is 6ft tall.

  4. I think she should be allowed to play in the boy’s league. That way boys can move into the girl’s league and own.

  5. hawaii808 Says:

    In the day an age where everything is being mixed in schools and in everyday life why wouldn’t they start mixing up sports and allowing female athletes to play with male athletes, some are just as strong and in this case better than their male competitors. So why would they want to keep this separated? My opinion is it goes back to sexism and that we still live in a mans world, where seeing a women in charge is a hard pill for some men to swallow and in this case having a girl outshine and dominate the guys in this physical game, some really cant stomach this. If you play the health card this girl is very strong and probably weighs more than the guys she plays against being that she is only 12 and 6ft tall. She is already taller than i am and i am 19. This is just the work of someone trying to keep women dis empowered.

  6. kimiko178 Says:

    I also think the 12-year-old girl cannot join the NBA because of her gender is Sexism. If she has an ability to play basketball as much as other NBA players, why she can’t play with them? I hope she will be allowed to be a NBA player in the future.

  7. alamoluck007 Says:

    Ill tell you why she’s dominating… you see her teamate comment on her ablity? “her greatness SPRINKLES on all of us!” shes playin against a bunch of fags! But on a serius note this was a horrible story when I first heard it. Those dumbass in the leauge made that rule because she was too good and it was destrying the leuge. Now thats an argument you can make, put her in a leuge that she wont run over the competion, it would be more competitive for her and beter for all the little 12 year old boys. Let her play with the 15 year olds or something! But to say no girl and boy leuges…..errr…. DUMBASS!!! these guys didnt think this would make the news when they mad that sexist rule?!
    League president- “hmmm.. lets think guys how can we get this phnom to stop dominatting this leauge?”

    Leauge vice president- “well we could tell the truth that she is too good and its making it less fun for everyone else. We could then recomend her to a more chalenging league that would make her beter”

    Leauge President- “You idiot! I hate telling the truth! That would be too easy! Lets make up an even more dumb ridiculus reason, like no girls allowed…. yeah thats a WAYYYYY BETTER idea…”

  8. herewithnoone Says:

    yes, if it was a boy doing as good as her, they would have probably tried to help expand his basketball career. it was also pretty sexist when they didnt want her to play on the boy’s team only after they saw that she was better than most of the boys. people probably thought it gave the boys a bad image or something because they think that women cannot be as skilled as a man

  9. japaneseperson Says:

    why have a WNBA then. if they women are so good why separate them. if she is that great why not compete in the WNBA first and if she dominates there then talk about moving into the NBA. im just saying she isnt that special when you think of all the other 6ft plus women in the WNBA.

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