Just as the photograph above had a major impact on the world and is known to be one of the most “inspiring” photo’s of all time, so to can be said from the photo below. It’s from the EXCORCIST and it is the most important movie still ever to come out of the film industry. People who didn’t/don’t believe in SATAN sure believed in him after seeing this shot. YOU DONT THINK SO

(Medium Mission)Find at least three movie stills of greater importance, although I doubt there are any, and tell me why there better than mine…if you can



2 Responses to “BEST SHOT EVER”

  1. angielee777 Says:

    The EXCORCIST was a pretty freaky movie and it sure did make me realize how REAL the spiritual realm of this world is…there’s more than we can see and even if we believe it or not…it’s there. Sorry..don’t mean to get all spiritual but it’s TRUE!!!!!

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