Aaahhh the differences


Slut, whore , ho, tramp, Paris Hilton wannabe…Sleep with a few guys and women automatically are seen as one of the labels listed above. To a female there’s nothing worse than to have their private life exposed to the public all because they’ve been “labeled” by someone as a slut. There are some exceptions of course who pride themselves for being “sluts”, but thats for another day and time.

The complete opposite goes for guys. They tend to want their “Private” lives out in the open(as long as there are positive things to be said) and most guys embrace the label whore. For them it’s like an award. Now I don’t speak for all men….Just most



7 Responses to “Aaahhh the differences”

  1. i’ts funny that you used Paris Hilton as a female example because the whole reason that she is famous is because her private life is exposed.

  2. ccrilveria Says:

    Like the great comedian Dave Chappelle once said, “you may not be a whore, but you are wearing a whores uniform”. It is true that a women being called a slut holds more value then a man being called a slut. For women, its whore around. For man its conquests.

  3. angielee777 Says:

    it’s a bummer that this is the case…i think it shows a lot on how guys and girls do think differently and how we react to what we’re known for….but isn’t kobe bryant is an example of a scandal being revealed about his infidelity, but he sure didn’t look too proud.

  4. I do believe what you say applies to 95% of the world, but I couldn’t help to think about the Edison Chen scandal in Hong Kong. What happened is Chen (a HK celebrity) went to get his computer fixed. Whoever fixed his computer got into it and found some sex pictures that he made with a lot of very famous Hong Kong Actresses. These pictures were deleted at the time but the computer guy dug up. Later on when these pictures hit the internet his name was put to shame and he ran to North America only to have a quick appearance in The Dark Knight.
    If someone had sex pictures with a lot of celebrities in america, then there would be no problem. I guess this shows that cultures really do vary.

  5. thekingofeurope Says:

    and how do you know that? you don’t think there would be a huge media circus centered around that person for a month, maybe more? come on, that’s what tabloids were made for.

  6. dude, do your research before you talk, it’s all over the Hong Kong News and has been for half a YEAR.
    Not only that, but if you talk to most people from Hong Kong 30 years or younger they have seen the pictures. It’s illegal to post them online but everyone just sends them to everyone else through skype or other IM services. I’ve seen them and my girlfriend has seen them, and we both got them from different sources.
    It was on newspapers, magazines and TV wherever you looked.
    The reason you haven’t hear of this is because… ummmmm… YOU’RE NOT IN ASIA.
    All it would have taken is to google “Edison Chen” and EVERY result on the first page is about the scandal. Try looking around before you try to correct someone.

  7. ccrilveria Says:

    ^^^LoL. Angielee has a very good point. it’s funny how you point out kobe bryant. as of this moment i am recalling all the skits various shows did about the kobe bryant scandle, and i can’t help but laugh. one thing to think about is that he is married and no matter how much we love to read about celebrities whoring themselves out to each other, most of us still have basic morals against cheating. kobe bryant is a dick because he cheated on his wife. derek jeter is hailed because of his conquests.

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