What kind of Stereotypes do the Japanese Suffer from? (RE: Do you subscribe?)

Yups, I made this video baby!  Please be tender, I rushed though it with Johnny Walker going though my system.  

Anyways, while reading the Mission I started to think… What stereotypes does my ethnicity, Japanese, suffer from.  When I thought about it, I came to this answer… ENJOY before the youtube takes it down for copyright infringement!  (no, seriously… happened to me several times already)

Tell me what you think!


9 Responses to “What kind of Stereotypes do the Japanese Suffer from? (RE: Do you subscribe?)”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    And the ones i meet seem so shy… HMMMMM

  2. Another stereotype is that asians have small penises. I did some searching around and this one site did research on penis length by race and this is the info they got.

    By ethnicity (age 15 and over only):

    Black 6.89″ (175mm)
    Asian 5.33″ (135mm)
    Caucasian 6.22″ (158mm)
    Hispanic 6.15″ (156mm)
    Native American 5.66″ (144mm)

  3. Yeah, but thats a stereotype that is about the whole asian race, not just Japanese. Anyways, I don’t think people would appreciate it if I showed my penis on youtube :-P… wait, thats a great idea!!! I’m asian.. now all I have to do is find a Black guy, White guy, Hispanic, Native American and someone to hold the camera!

  4. astrangerwithcandy Says:


    Way to dispel those stereotypes!

  5. You’re welcome

  6. loveandletlove Says:

    Cute video!

    I think the thing with Japanese is that they are too repressed. On one hand, they are ultra formal, having to ascribe to all these customs, formalities, and hierarchies, not just in ritualistic/classical settings, but just in everyday life! Having to bow to everyone you meet, apologizing for every little thing, making sure you use the right tone and title when you address someone… I think this is why on the flip side, Japanese people are probably the most outrageous when they “let loose.” The costumes, the culture, the gameshows, the anime, the inventions, the stores, not to even TOUCH upon the fetishes and sexuality.

    Japanese are an extreme, but I think the same is true of a lot of Asian countries, where traditional ways of life have stifled people for generations. In the post-War years, where new politics and socio-economic positions have shifted the way these people live, they are having to adapt to creating new culture. The products of this transition can be pretty insane.

  7. kimiko178 Says:

    I didn’t know that one of the stereotypes for Japanese would be pervert until you pointed out. Do you think people think Japanese girls are also pervert?

  8. -loveandletlove
    You should work in a Japanese Restaurant one day. I’m not talking about a restaurant that serves Japanese Food, I mean one that serves Japanese cusomers. Real Japanese people from Japan. They are the most obnoxious customers EVER. They drink more than most races I know, but the things is that most of them cannot handle alcohol as well as most other races. When you add alcohol to a JPNS person, you get to see all that repression you talked about come out all at once. Of course this doesn’t apply to all JPNS, but you do see a huge change. You made a good point.

    But yeah, Sexuality wise I believe JPNS people are the worse. My GF is from Hong Kong and she tells me that the dream girl for more HK boys is a Japanese girl.. mostly because of all the Japanese Porn… which I’m guessing means that Japan make the best porn. Come to think about it, even the porn in repressed. They have the sensor out any reproductive organs.

    Hate to tell you this, but I personalty believe that Japanese girls aren’t the perverts, they’re the bate. 😦

  9. loveandletlove Says:

    Suppose it presents a pretty interesting way of looking at how different societies produce different sorts of people. The focus of this blog has largely been on American cultures and behaviors, and I think the themes of what our American society values and perpetuates are pretty clear and account for a lot of what we see and the way we act. When we’ve looked at other cultures on this blog, it’s mostly been to point and gasp: look at those weird Japanese with their insane toys, the Chinese designers with their sun tattoos, the “cultural” fashion of India and the Middle East. Those images and ideas come out of a cultural context, though, and I think it’s interesting to see how that invariably happens, and how slight changes can produce wholly different types of people. Of course, that’s a whole new can of worms, and I won’t even try to go there.

    Japanese porn, though – haha! Even as they’re censoring out the actual “sex,” they’re enacting violent rape and gang bangs, dressing in bizarre costumes, and doing things like pouring eggs all over the girls. No one can say Japanese porn isn’t inventive. In a way, though, the “repression” you talk about in terms of censorship probably just heightens that sense of frustration and distance, because even in a realm of fantasy, there’s denial. The Japanese are constantly on the edge of this restraint, and I think part of the way their porn is constructed plays up that denial.

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