Victoria Secret Fashion Show

So… recently the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Aired on Tv… They took sex and advertising to a whole new level in there approach to sell clothing basically…

EASY Mission: Find ways and repost to show how compaines try to advertise thier product without really talking about thier products, but rather use other things to draw attention


8 Responses to “Victoria Secret Fashion Show”

  1. How is this free porn or even relating to free porn? I don’t even think they were that exposed this year, far less exposed than most lingerie designer shows. If that’s what the company does, sells women’s lingerie and underwear, then why should they be accused of things for showing women in lingerie. These models are supposed to be walking with strength, confidence, and power. There weren’t really men involved and level wise, they are above the audience and the idea is probably empowering women to be above men, not expose free porn to them..? The shame here would be them broadcasting Victoria Secret’s fashion show on the news as if it was that vital in our pop culture, also Victoria secret feeling they need to get way more pop-like with their shows and using singers like Usher and common pop music to represent their line, which I’m pretty sure they didn’t used to do. I think this show is saying more about our the narrow mindedness of consumers and the conservatism of society and all the people who think they are protecting something by throwing accusations of provacative and harmful media.. I’m missing the point?

  2. Courtney26 Says:

    I watched the show as well and I agree Victoria Secret is a lingerie brand.. that is what they sell so in their fashion show women will wear lingerie and every year the outfits become more and more beautiful and the outfit itself is a presentation. Last year Seal performed with Heidi Klum in the show and it was great. I definitely don’t think of the show as free porn.

  3. Thanks Courtney, for backing up a normal if not even more conservative lingerie fashion show. Last night, after writing this, I went and looked at all the Victoria Secret Annual fashion shows since 2001 to try to see if there has been a progression or what direction our society is going. This year’s show was sort of less inventive and out there but the outfits almost covered more than some other years- probably because a lot of younger people are watching this now and wearing Victoria secret and we are getting so strict and conservative that Victoria secret knows they have to put something cute and subtle out there instead of their original 12 million dollar tiny diamond bras and distinct style. Also, the girls aren’t as sickly skinny as they used to be. They are promoting a more healthy image- this is what people want and the direction we’re going in..

  4. Oh, and also- look at any other lingerie designer’s shows, especially some of the finer European lingerie or in any other country, they are so much more exposed and down right sexy- watch Cosabella or Morgan Beret- who had a show here in Oct. with even less because that is their product, why are we so scared of seeing a beautiful girl’s body..??

  5. loveandletlove Says:

    VS by definition is about sex: it’s lingerie! Criticizing VS for using sex is like criticizing a porn company for using sex. They’re a sex industry, so this is one of the rare cases where they actually SHOULD be marketing using sex. How else are we to know their product works?

    Sex in chewing gum commercials, on the other hand, makes no sense. Sex in pen commercials makes no sense. That one Wendy’s commercial where all the people were hitting their heads on the tree isn’t sexy, but it really makes no sense.

  6. it does make sense- that’s where the camouflage comes in- yes, gum or or pens have nothing to do with sex, nudity, or any of that but people enjoy watching and paying attention to lingerie and sex related things more so they are tricking you into seeing their product and getting it in your head by building associations. But, I still don’t think that lingerie is sex or that a victoria secret show has anything to do with porn.

  7. Well the thing is that what Victoria secret sells is lingerie and thats what they were trying to sell. I mean they wont come down the runway naked only wearing perfume or, lotion (the other things they sell) but they are advertising the what sells and is able to grab the attention of those who are watching on tv.

  8. The Victoria Secret advertising campaigning that they do is brilliant. Not only are they diverse in the demographic they use in their commercials, they are also consistent. They don’t limit themselves in promoting young faces all the time. We have seen Heidi Klum as the face of Victoria Secret for some time now and she is rather old compared to the typical model years. In terms of race, we have see Tyra Banks be a lead spokesperson for a couple of seasons.

    Victoria Secret as free porn? Definitely yes. Lingerie was meant to cover a woman’s sexual organs and the Victoria Secret Company exploits it effectively. It was definitely meant to sell.

    We all have seen their commercials. It is a 20 second tease in which T&A (tits and ass) are flying out of your TV.

    The idea of having a fashion show is brilliant. The idea that women buy their products just to hide them underneath a Hollister shirt is still beyond my grasp. Self-esteem issues?

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