Re: How’s this for lack of creativity?

I know that it was mentioned that it’s okay for movies to be remade into another version…but isn’t that exactly what Mencia did…He took Bill Cosby’s version of the football joke and remade it into a present day scenario (adding the Heinsman, NFL, NFL MVP, etc…). It’s like how there are so many versions of a song (like Jingle Bells) or kinda like how they redid Parent Trap.
ParentTrap   ParentTRap1998   
There are lots of remade versions of different things…although, because jokes aren’t copyrighted, I can see the issue that lies with stealing the credit of another comedian’s original work; compared to musical artists and movie writers that give credit to the original writer.  

So I found this article (click here) on comedians that have actually taken action with lawsuits against those that steal their jokes. It tells of Jay Leno and how he filed a lawsuit against a woman who published a book with some of his jokes in them. This issue of copyrighting jokes is becoming a bigger issue and it should be interesting to see the final outcome of the comedy industry. Will we come to a place where everything will be copyrighted? How will the public be affected by these protections? Should even small time comedians copyright their jokes also? How far should copyrighting jokes go?


One Response to “Re: How’s this for lack of creativity?”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    walt disney can remake anything of theirs they want. if they tried to remake something they didn’t own the rights to (like something from pixar or whatever), there would be a problem. that would be called stealing. and jingle bells is public domain, meaning it’s free game to anyone. don’t try to defend mencia, please.

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