Re: Hating in society

People making bringing up racial and stereotypical jokes amongst themselves. Why do we do this? Is it because we really hate our backgrounds? How is insulting our own ethnicity and/or culture funny?

We see a lot of this in stand up comedy, films, and other media alike. But Most of them come from the african american race, maybe because they suffer from stereotypes the most? Women also suffer from labels and other stereotypes as well but I don’t hear much jokes of women in stand up comedy than african american jokes. I guess We live in a society where making fun of others is just a developing cultural norm. How bad is that?

So I seen this one video from YouTube that could possibly lead to stereotypical jokes about another culture… Through song.

From the YouTube star, Ryan Higa.

Hmm, making fun of asians. Soo…Does it mean its okay to make fun of asians if youre asian?


2 Responses to “Re: Hating in society”

  1. like i stated before in my post.. i think it wrong that we make fun of our own race or even gender because it sets a trend for others to do the same… if we all stopped the hate then there wouldn’t be such harassment cases with the different genders and races. it all falls on us when you think about it.. we are the ones to blame.. just like the movie we watched in class “Bamboozelled”… making fun of your past and race just makes things worse in the end.

  2. I do not appreciate this guy.

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