Internet Emotions

The internet rids us of real emotional connections.  It is almost impossible to tell if someone is happy or sad or sarcastic or anything.  Is there anyway you can be sure that this 🙂 is an honest smile or sarcastic smile?  When we speak to each other we smile, we laugh, we cringe, we frown, we gag, we raise our eyebrows.  How do you show that you are cringing online?  if you’re crying does 😥 that do it justice?  And how well can you know someone you met on myspace?  LOL OMG we even are lazy with how we say things online.  Don’t you have the time to spell out “Oh My God”?  I mean it’s great that we have this wonderful world wide web to keep us connected but how deep is the connection if the conversation goes “i miss you”  “OMG i miss U 2” “Sry G2G”?


I mean is this where we are going?


Well G2G TTYL ❤



2 Responses to “Internet Emotions”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    When people use LOL, they arent really laughing out loud or even laughing softly, its kind of a reflex to put LOL when something is supposed to be funny. I see a lot of my friends use LOL when they’re hardly paying attention to the conversation.

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:


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