French Fries, Burger, and A Milkshake!!!

The girl has nothing to do with the car… and yet mercedez benz in an attempt to sell cars is using the “sterotype” of a blond in the library being completely oblivously of what is going on


5 Responses to “French Fries, Burger, and A Milkshake!!!”

  1. Yes she does b/c the used her as a metaphor for the message they were trying to portray.

  2. Yeah they used a blonde woman to display lack of intelligence. I agree though, why couldn’t it have been another woman?

  3. Luz Del Sol Says:

    dmonis – why does it have to be a woman?

  4. thekingofeurope Says:

    because there aren’t any dumb blonde jokes that involve blonde males.

  5. kimiko178 Says:

    I don’t like how this commercial portraits a blonde girl. I’m tired of hearing a blonde girl is considered as one with no brain.

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