Advertisment vs. Actuality

I am a sucker for ads. If it’s a good ad that i am drawn to, i will rush to the store to see it and if i like it, ill buy it without a question. Somtimes the product is not all that it cracks up to be and sometimes it is. This gave me some thought into the power of advertisment.
While watching the food network the other day i came across a program that went behind the scenes of making a food comerciaa. I was intrigued to discover that the only thinkg that needs to be real when fimling is the food that you are selling. For example, the video i was watching, went behind the scenes of filming a cereal commercial. The substance that looks like milk was indeed not milk and instead was a white puddy like formula and the cereal was intsted individually placed into the substance one by one.
The picture below is the KFC Famous bowl. One picture is how it is advertised and the other is what you really get.


One Response to “Advertisment vs. Actuality”

  1. ketsukusa Says:

    haha still looks delicious

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