The sexual attraction in ads continues..

Here is another one of those friendly commercials that make use of ‘sexual’ themes and desires.  Notice the type of people the ads are targetting nowadays, and expect more and more to appear as the years go by.

What more will people expect from television commercials and advertisement?  Will it continue to stay this way just to grab the attention of people?



3 Responses to “The sexual attraction in ads continues..”

  1. seductive women, huh? i wonder why that male fantasy still works. it has been used again and again. your post reminds of the AXE commercials, too. it never ends… in those commercials, we both men and women are being exploited, and particularly men don’t care about it or even like that. it leads to think about our priority…

    and, this may not have a direct connection to your topic, but the last one… it’s supposed to be japanese, right? but it’s just a nonsense gibberish. what’s the relations of japaneseness, sexual fantasy, and consumerism? just wondering…

  2. The media is pretty much corrupt in their ways of attracting viewers. The use of sexuality has drawn the attention of people and the media is sometimes misleading viewers to understand what the product is trying to present. These commercials are just good examples of television trying to disguise explicit content with pure innocence, especially how they construct the scenes with cartoons and poor humor.

    Viewers are sometimes blinded by the sexual content, and claim that most of these advertisements are just mainly produced for entertainment purposes. I believe a lot of America’s production of sex in media has captured the attention of other countries and has led them to exceed in more production. It even seems like they’ve taken it to the next level just like the bikini commercial above, which is created in Japan. Maybe the U.S is trying to compete with other media companies, and possibly borrowing ideas from other countries, in creating more watered-down version of sexual content (in other words keeping sex acceptable for viewers).

    But what about the youth of this generation, why are kids growing up believing that sexual behavior is acceptable. Why are kids being expose to sex at such an early stage of their lives. Does the media assume that our youth are just ignorant and unaware of what these commercials are implementing. Do they just rely on parents to control their childs television access and expect their kids to be cautious of these things. Kids are not stupid, they understand what the media is doing, and observe seeing both men and women being used in sexual manners. They media is pushing kids to mature to fast, and I believe its becoming a real issue in society.

    But again the media is probably not going to take the blame for these causes, they see that sex is big part of the mainstream entertainment, and they plan on doing whatever it is takes to make them money. Can the media at least admit that sexual content on T.V has gone a little overboard and are sometimes meaningless. What can we say or do, we live in a world where we have to expect the unexpected, as we continue to witness more sex being exposed on our T.V screens.

  3. Well I’m not sure if it’s to expect the unexpected, as we already know what to expect…if that made sense..
    but the world today is a world that is literally messed up. I’m pretty sure alot of people from the 70s or 80s can point out how different and easier things are, kids having an easier time to go school, find jobs, live a life, etc.
    The same is for media and the sexual attraction that is emerging to satisfy people’s wants and desire. We all know the inevitable will come, with our lives being consumed completely by cinema, a life where everything we do will have auto driving cars, holograms, and free and public sex!
    I’m just saying that it is hard to deny the fact that everything now in our world isn’t something we want, people want and desire stuff, and cinema is bringing that desire live.

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