Re: Lack of Creativity

It’s pretty obvious that the media tends to have a lot of remade and old ideas that they try to sell us as new, when we all know that they’re not. Not all of these sequels and old ideas are bad necessarily. Speaking from a musical standpoint, many bands pick up old song that people seldom hear, and cover them making them new works of art. Some covers are actually more known that the original song themselves. This may apply to you or not, but for me and my friends back home, when we think of the song “99 red balloons” we think of Goldfinger’s cover rather than the original by Nena.

Here’s the original by Nena.

…and the cover by Goldfinger

This is a case where I personally liked the cover more than the original. I think it was due to the fact that the the original was a mediocre song, which gave Goldfinger room to improve. There are cases where there should have not have been a cover, because the original was a good song to begin with. In this next video Pennywise does a live cover of “Stand by me.” They try to take an oldie and add a punk feel to it. Not only that, but on the live version they have a group of drunk kids singing the first portion of the song, and who doesn’t love the cheap karaoke sound to an all time favorite.



4 Responses to “Re: Lack of Creativity”

  1. horrorbot Says:

    While you’re on punk covers, a lot of punk bands nowadays have leveraged themselves up above most others by their use of covering widely known songs. Take Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies for example- with members from Foo Fighters, Swinging Utters, NOFX- their whole schtick is making punk covers, they don’t do anything else. But they’re damn good at it. In my opinion, most of their versions are better than the originals.

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    that’s not the original by Nena. the original is in german and waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than the english translation. don’t even try to compare the original german version w/ goldfinger’s cover. it wouldn’t even look mediocre.

    and me first and the gimme gimmes rule.

  3. This is why I was hesitant to post this entree. I knew that no matter what examples I used that people would be upset either way. Personally I am a fan of Goldfinger and thats why I chose the song that I did. And as a local from the South Bay in LA, where Pennywise is from, I was a little disappointed in their cover, but love Pennywise as a band. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a great example of a band that pulls off covers well, but they simply didn’t come to mind while writing this blog.

  4. joocebawks Says:

    wow, I did not know that Goldfinger weren’t the original artists for that song. Thanks for the info.

    anyways, after listening to the original I still prefer the Goldfinger version. I have noticed this a lot actually were people are uninformed about the original artists for certain songs. For example, awhile back, I didn’t know smooth criminal was first created by Michael Jackson and not Alien Ant Farm. However, I wouldn’t call it a lack of creativity if a band is trying to improve upon the works of others because these bands have also made many good songs of their own. It is simply that most of these songs are out of the age group for many of the people listening to the remakes. So when they see them played on MTV they think thats its a hot new song, when in reality it was done a long time ago.

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