Re-Is White the only beautiful color?


He’s some images to help you with the mission suggested. Personally, I feel the color white is easy to get dirty and seems drab. The answer is no White is not the only beautiful color. Here’s some examples:




One Response to “Re-Is White the only beautiful color?”

  1. What is white now a days anyway?? People are so mixed and varied that it’s beginning to get relatively impossible to stick to distinct classifications, especially if you are talking about advertising/media/etc. With ads and looking for female models- images of beauty, casting people, photographers, etc. hold strong biased perceptions but I’ve found that most of them are looking for something more exotic and being multi-racial now or having a look that can not be as easily defined only makes you more appealing, considered the modern beauty, and as for advertising – can be appealing to more groups and demographics than just one. I don;t agree with the arguement about people and society beleiving that “white” is the more beautiful race/image when it comes to women in media and advertising. I’ve been involved in the whole industry for a couple years now and can tell you that this whole “white” preference has turned around and usually I’m told that I have too limited of an image because I’m too white and plain caucasian is old fashioned and too boring of a look now… not complaining at all because I sort of agree.. but think you this is another prime example of people still being in this entire “race- based” mentality and it’s only causing more concern and unneccary issues, in this case.

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