Re: “Going green” or “Going green for the green”

I Totally agree with the fact that oil companies are trying to seem eco-friendly, when in reality they are talking about drilling for more oil. I’ve seen more commercials for ways to find more oil, rather than finding the alternative to oil. Here’s a commercial that has been on the air for sometime now, and is exactly what is talked about in the “Going green” or “Going green for the green” post.

Here’s one by shell…

…and another by cheveron.

Funny thing is that they both stress the need for more oil, a limited resource that we all know that will inevitably run out. Why are these companies so hesitant to talk about hydrogen fuel? This way of energy is unlimited, and has H20 as exhaust so it actually cleans the air as you drive. To me it seems the “greenest” alternative to oil. Sure there are problems that need to be worked out with the hydrogen fuel system for cars, but why so heavily invest in oil, if we can invest in an alternative that will free us entirely from oil?


2 Responses to “Re: “Going green” or “Going green for the green””

  1. Well done. That chevron commercial is actually the one that made be make this post. They keep saying that we need to look else where for oil in order to solve the energy while ignoring one of the biggest issues which is the damage the burning of the fuel does to the environment. Maybe they hope that the soft gentle music will distract the viewer from their message.

  2. hahaha yeah I really enjoyed the gentle music. It’s really an ironic twist to the message they are trying to convey.

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