Re: “Going Green” or “Going Green for the Green”

If you haven’t noticed our country is in the midst of a revolution, the green revolution. Everywhere you look nowadays all you see are companies transforming their company/products into environmentally friendly amenities. This is without a doubt a very positive thing especially for the conservative sided citizens in our country. But what happens when Corporations take advantage of the green movement and falsely advertise for profit, a sort of “greenwashing” on our society. Here are few examples of green exploitation.

The Acai Berry can be seen as one of the green environmentally friendly products in organic stores today, but what about the effects the acai tree genocide is having on the rain forest. The truth is this mass recent harvest of berry’s is actually doing more bad then good. It is killing the environment.


Hybrid Cars have provoked a billions and billions of dollars for the auto industry, and one of their main claims is the environment, but are they really helping mother nature? The Toyota Prius was just proved to do more damage to the environment then a Hummer!

Eco Friendly Funerals, wtf!!! are you shitty me? This seems to be the new fad recently believe it or not. People now are actually taking the proper steps in insuring they have a very green departure. LOL. One common option is a carboard coffin intead of the standard choices. Not too sure about anyone of you, but I would not enjoy my royal sleep in some cardboard house similar to my friends down the street in the park. Fucking Ridiculous.


2 Responses to “Re: “Going Green” or “Going Green for the Green””

  1. barbamark Says:

    This is something very new to me. I’m a senior here at the university and am working on my thesis on how agencies use the media to promote their messages.

    The thing I enjoy the most about this article is how you took the negative aspect of these methods that were supposedly revolutionary.

    In relation to what I have studied so far in my thesis, some of these “eco-friendly” agencies and corporations are just out there to get some money. It is in fact the the relationship that the environmentalist and the economy have go hand in hand. As “going green” is something to be positively associated with.

  2. I’d have to agree with you on the acai berry and the hybrid car. Yeah it sucks that some of these companies claim to be “green” when in reality their not helping us become any greener. I actually wrote a post on the oil companies and how they say that more oil is green. However, as far as the green funeral goes, I really don’t see why you’re so against the whole idea. To me it only seems natural. Think about it, your eternal rest is going to be spent rotting away anyways, so why not fertilize the planet while doing so? It’s kinda like being a donor, you’re dead anyways, might as well give something back to the people after you that they can appreciate.

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