Fashionable To Teen Culture ?


Teen drug abuse (marijuana) has always been an issue for parents. What steps should a parent take when their teen admits to smoking pot and openly states, “he will continue to do so because he sees nothing wrong with it?”
As a parent and former consumer of pot as a teen, it seems to me weed is being glamorized in today’s society by celebrities and people in the public eye. Weed was easily assessable in the early 80’s and I’m sure it still is, however, it was not flashed in our faces by media outlets as it is today. Does viewing these prominet people who glamorized weed have an influence in your teens thinking and decision making?
I’m curious to find out what you think.


39 Responses to “Fashionable To Teen Culture ?”

  1. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    It is quite amazing how marijuana has become idolized in our cultures. The answer is yes. All of these celebrities and icons promoting weed in their videos and other work, is definitely showing the younger generation that is is the “cool” thing to do. But I feel this is a good thing, in fact our country every year takes more and more steps to legalization. I mean what the fuck is so wrong with Marijuana, tell me! How can our government limit societies use of the biggest cash crop known to man?

  2. Does weed being glamorized by people in the public eye influence teen usage? Most assuredly! Why do you think so many teens smoke? They think it is cool. They want to be that cool cowboy leaning against his horse smoking, or pretty much any tough cool, or suave cool person. Smoking doesn’t usually taste good the first time, but people keep going till their addicted. Then they smoke because it is necessary for them to function. It is similar to cloths. From a girls perspective, we sometimes wear cloths that really aren’t always that comfortable, but we keep going so that we can present a certain image, an image of what we think the public sees as pretty. So yes, I think it is very influential. What is wrong with Marijuana? I think in a lot of ways it is like drinking. It affects short term memory, coordination, alertness, etc… and that sometimes puts both the user of the drug and people around them in danger. That is why it is illegal for drunk people to drive. Should be legalized? I don’t know.

  3. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    just give me one reason weed should be illegal, test me

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    I think weed should be legal, because a majortiy of the users are unproductive losers. The way I see it, thats less competition I have to deal with in the real world. I don’t care if it’s legal or not, but I don’t my kids using it cause it doesn’t do anything but waste your brain

  5. So are you saying drinking should be illegal? because you said its alot like drinking. If you think its okay to drink but not drink and drive then smoking w/o driving should be fine right? You also said people need it to function then said they cant function with it. I really dont think weed is the problem. Its the person smoking it. Just like how drinking can be dangerous to irresponsible people who cant handle their alcohol, so can smoking.
    PS: elikapeka, cowboys burn?

  6. Luz Del Sol Says:

    Illegalizing drug use is a violation of personal freedom. Basing the laws against drugs on religious morals isn’t justifiable in a “secular” nation (Even though “God” appears on all our currency, in our pledge of alliegance and we swear to tell the whole truth over a religious text). That said. I don’t remember why I started smoking pot (probably due to the fact that I smoked so damn much of it). But I can say with absolute certainty that it was not because of celebrities or musicians. Shit the only artist I can name who openly promotes weed is Snoop Dogg. That’s pretty generic. I’m pretty sure I started simply because my friends did. They enjoyed it and I thought they had valid opinions so I gave it a shot. And magic ensued. Hah.

  7. Sure, the media is a factor in prompting people to do weed. It’s not the only factor, of course. Personally, I don’t know any weed promoting celebrities except Snoop Dogg. It’s hard to say really. Weed is so rampant and widespread in Hawaii, or at least seems to be, so there are many different sources and situations to get involved. It’s rather sad. I really don’t think weed should be legalized. It takes away from academic studying and somewhat permanently impairs the mind. Americans are already pretty far behind in the intelligence race (against other countries such as Japan), so I don’t think we need weed in the equation to further decrease our scholastic abilities.

  8. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    It’s a proven fact that alcohol is more dangerous to your overall health than weed. Luz hit the nail on the head. The idea that the government can outlaw A FUCKING PLANT is ridiculous.

    -penlead: So your saying that if something “takes away from academic studying” it should be illegal? I guess we should outlaw alcohol, videogames, porno, and the internet too. And don’t give me that shit about permanently impairing the mind, most of the studies that say that are government funded propaganda.

    Not to mention, the “war on drugs” has been and continues to be a gigantic fucking failure. For one thing, we are stuffing people who haven’t’ harmed anyone, into overcrowded prisons on the tax payers dime. Not to mention the fact that this billion dollar program hasn’t yielded any results in years! They’re throwing away money on an unwinnable war. Something they’ve become disturbingly adept at.

    Anyone with a rational mind can see that the illegality of weed had done more harm than good. But don’t take my word for it:

    “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.”
    -Albert Einstein

  9. thekingofeurope Says:

    hehe, someone struck a nerve with astrangerwithcandy.

  10. Oh, I’m sorry. I guess not being a weed user puts me in a rather awkward position. I guess I just don’t understand the true spirituality, relaxation, and recreation of the drug. Sorry, my bad.

    Weed can become a pretty heavy problem. I’ve had my fair share of weed using friends. The problem is they’re not only doing it during the evenings and weekends like with alcohol. They’re skipping school to do it. People wouldn’t skip school to play video games. Well, okay, some nerds might, but I think people have more willpower over video games and perhaps alcohol than weed. Weed alters you state of mind definitely, relaxing you and slowing you down. It alters time passage. One minute can seem like an eternity. Try concentrating on what’s going on the board when you stoned out of your mind.

    Okay I’m willing to negotiate restricted weed usage. But I really don’t think it’ll free up the prisons and decrease crime. If anything, it’ll increase laziness and homelessness. Some people psychologically are unwilling to break laws. Imagine if all these people are suddenly unrestrained from smoking a little joint every now and then. A lot more people sitting on couches playing video games. I mean, what if certain historic figures of importance did weed? Maybe their contributions to the modern world would not have emerged at all because they were just sitting around somewhere contemplating false gods and philosophies.

  11. bigdickdaddy Says:

    No no no penlead you got two important issues totally mixed up. You say “Okay I’m willing to negotiate restricted weed usage. But I really don’t think it’ll free up the prisons and decrease crime.” I have serious problems with this sentences because if marijana was restricted or better yet legal in my humble opinion there would be numberous open prison cells.

    First, think of supply and demand. if there was more weed avaliable to the people who smoke it why would anyone buy weed. Good weed sells for 500.00-600.00 an ounce. Think of all that money going back into the economy instead of in so-called criminals drug dealers hands. Who would pay for weed if they could grow there own. MIllions of Americans smoke weed and ounces are being sold all across the counrty.( Prices do vary and 600.00 is on the high end. Dont want to get blasted for wrong info)

    Second, think of all the money needed to house and feed these so called criminals in prison for months or even years. i believe i heard its $40.00 a day of taxpayers monies to house just one. What if that extra money stayed in taxpayers pockets or in the governments social programs. Lets say 100,000 people who were arrested for marijuana promotion are released tomorrow. That’s $4,000,000 saved in just in one day.

    Third, have you heard of ice, batu, meth. Now this shet if you ask me needs to be stopped and off our streets . again make weed more accessable to everyone who wants it, more people would smoke weed because its free, why by ice if you can smoke weed. lawenforcement can free up personal to focus there attention on hard core drugs like Herion, Ice, Cocaine and what ever else it is nowadays. Can you imagine how much property crimes would go down, less break ins, stolen cars, robberies, etc. Ice is directly correlated to crime, homelessness, panhandling, and the list could go on.

    People who smoke ice are the ones stealing all the copper in the state its not bud smokers. trust me again on this penlead. think of all the money the state or city pays to repair the copper wire crononic’s steal.

    Thats three good reasons i think your wrong about the prison and crime statement. i’d think the others who understand could see my logic.

    There is Pros and Cons to everything. Our government illegalizes weed for political reasons, weeds not illegal everywhere.

    Yeah maybe America would have more lazy people or have more twinkies stolen but what i explained above is a lot of diverted cash. At least enough for the topic to be taken seriously. To me laziness is a whole lot better than being so speeded up you can’t sleep.

  12. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Contemplating false gods and philosophies?! Really? Who are fuck are you to cast these aspersions on others. Are you telling me that god and drugs are mutually exclusive? Are you discrediting years of Native American rituals, where mescaline has played a central role in their spiritual pursuits? Have they been worshiping false idols too?

    Weed has been a theological cornerstone of prominent cultures and civilizations throughout the course of human fucking history. I think you need to reassess your own philosophical perspectives, before thoughtlessly criticizing others.

  13. Well, I think that Hollywood, music industry etc. is glamorizing marijuana to teens today.
    Even though this article isn’t really about whether it should should be legal or not whenever weed comes up someone always is angry that its not legal. Here are my thoughts:

    I think that if weed became legal tomorrow society would be pretty messed up for a while. Many people will all of the sudden start smoking it. It will create an immediate scarcity that will cause prices to skyrocket and crime to increase. This will happen until supply can catch up with demand. You can’t supply a full market of over 200 million people in a few days, months, or even years. You also have to consider that government will have to regulate it which will further slow down production and development.

    All of the arguments that we will save money and that it will be good for society are just theories.

    No one knows that legalization will decrease usage and be better for us overall.

    I personally think that in the long run the theory makes sense but we many have to be worse off until then. It may take a full generation or more until weed stops being smoked because it’s “cool” and usage drops.

  14. bigdickdaddy Says:

    lol i didn’t want to go there but u did astranger. the other thing is you would be really suprise how much prominet people smoke weed.

  15. alamoluck007 Says:

    Hey all of you pro weed guy have failed to prove these things to me:
    1.) How is weed good for our socioty? sure porn and alchol is available, but is it something to be proud of? You can’t justify weed by using thing in our culture thats already embarasing and distasteful.
    2.)The people in jail are there because they BROKE THE LAW! They were not forced to take weed. There is a jail problem because people know what they are doing is wrong, but do it anway.
    3.) How could the economy do beter if weed was legalized? Drug dealers exist in the pharmasutical companies already! these “legal drug dealers” sell us so many drugs already. Meanwhile illegal drug dealer is makin 600 an ounce and spendin it on stupid shit… stupid shit like nike, cadallac, sean john… all american companies!
    4.) Why the fuck do you want to get high so bad anyway?!!?! You would drag religion and all this other shit into it just so you can light a joint legally?! I got a great idea… Instead of using the lunch money dad gives you for weed, you get a real job and be a contributor to socioty. You know, pay taxes, help produce goods… Nah maybee your right…. What the economy and country needs is a bunch of JOBLESS, WORTHLESS, POT SMOKING KNOW IT ALLS…

    -ASTRANGER “dude nah man, just listen. Ill tell you how to fix the economy even though I have never even balanced a check book or had a stable job in my entire life *caugh*caugh… alamoluck007 ur totally killin my buzz!”

  16. Thank you alamoluck and toddml. You really brought out arguments that I was unable to clearly state myself.

    Also, I really don’t think meth or heroin users are going to switch from their hardcore/highly addictive drugs to weed. There are different reasons for why people start on various drugs. Making weed legal is not going to stop hardcore drug usage at all. You said it yourself, ice makes you wide awake, gives you tons of energy. That’s the complete opposite of weed. Why would people wanting to feel that sort of high switch to weed when the government says it’s okay? Also, perhaps this is government propaganda, but weed is often a gateway drug. And, more and better weed needs to be smoked to reach better highs. People may want to move beyond that sort of high and experiment with ecstasy, heroin, meth, etc.

    No I apologize, I did not mean drugs and gods are mutually exclusive. I was just using a stereotype that weed users often talk about random spiritual shit. Also, they talk about others things. Rather pointless random seemingly “artsy” things. But that’s just a stereotype. Sorry. I wouldn’t really know. I’m not a pothead myself.

  17. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Holy shit, did your parents work for D.A.R.E or something? It seems like they really fucked with you growing up. Horray for blind obedience to authority! Yes, they are there because they broke the law. The law just so happens to be wrong in this case, just as it has been throughout history. Do you really think that law makers have your best interests in mind. It was illegal for African-Americans to drink water from a fucking water fountain not 40 years ago. The government is not infallible.

    And every drug dealer spends their money on nike, cadallac, and sean john? What the fuck is your frame of reference? MTV? Sweet Lord, you’re more out of touch with society than John McCain.

    Legalized marijuana would likely reduce the flow of money from the American economy to international crime syndicates. Marijuana’s illegality makes foreign cultivation and smuggling to the United States extremely lucrative. I also reject the notion that if weed were legalized there would suddenly be an influx of crime and assault. If anything there would be a reduction, seeing as how it’s illegality prompts violent crimes. Just look at the Netherlands murder statics compared to the U.S
    Netherlands:Crime > Murders (per capita) 0.0111538 per 1,000 people [51st of 62] .

    U.S.A:Crime > Murders (per capita) 0.042802 per 1,000 people [24th of 62]

    THC is a subjective experience. Just because it made you a dysfunctional twat, does not mean that if affects everyone the same way.

  18. bigdickdaddy Says:

    some people will never get it, no matter how great an arguement is. Age and experience play a big of understanding this subject, seems like you lack both alamo. its not about wanting to get high or feed a kid dope for lunch. in case you don’t know it, what the hell do you think kids spend there money on. have you ever heard of 5.00 doobies or 20 dollar bags? its about freeing up prison space for more serious crime offenders, freeing up lawenforcement resources, and most of all keeping cash that is used to buy weed in the country. I don’t even smoke so don’t think i bring up the arguement so i can just puff away.

  19. penlead and alamo etc. all of your anti-marijuana arguments have been answered so what more do you need? alamo, you try to make astrangerwithcandy look like a retarded stoner by making up quotes for him, but his comments are more articulate and well thought out than yours. You keep saying that are motive to get marijuana legalized is so that we can smoke it. YOURE RIGHT! Some people are medicinal smokers, but you seem to have a problem with people who are recreational smokers. One of the points alamo makes about being anti-marijuana is basically that smoking is bad because its illegal. this is exacly why people bring up the question, why is it illegal? Prove it to me and ill join D.A.R.E. too.

  20. thekingofeurope Says:

    marijuana is illegal because if it were legal, people would just smoke weed all day (and don’t say you wouldn’t) and society would fucking collapse. now everyone shut the fuck up.

  21. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    I don’t know about that. I mean, I think it’s illegality increases it’s allure. Just like how alcohol and cigarettes are illegal for minors. Adolescents feel like they’re rebelling or doing something illegal, and they get a kick off that. We all want what we’re not supposed to have.

    And I don’t think it’s a matter of accessibility either. Everyone and their mom knows where to get a sack if they truly wanted it.

    Sorry kingofeurope, I can’t shut the fuck up…I”m high.

  22. I’d like to seond the assertion that legalistic prohibition of weed increases its allure to teenagers. I’m not sure whether legalization would increase or decrease overall use, but I am certain that it would not cause society to collapse. Weed is probably the most benign recreational drug in history. I chose to quit using it because I didn’t like the effects it had on my energy, motivation, and mental clarity. The legality of my marijuana use never effected my decision to use it or to stop using it one bit. Psychological studies show that a person’s observance of any given law depends on two variables: First, whether or not that person considers the law to be of moral and ethical relevance, and second, their perceived likelyhood of getting caught. Unless a person is subject to random drug testing, the likelyhood of getting caught and punished for using marijuana is absolutely negligable for most adults. This is a social concern which could be much better addressed, with far fewer social consequences, by parental, medical, and educational attention. Addressing drug abuse primarily by arbitrary prohibition allows members of society to relinquish their civic responsibility to care for and educate those affected by drug abuse. It’s a problem that affects communities. It should be dealt with by communities.

  23. There are places in the world, believe it or not, where weed is legal. INSANE! THEY MUST BE TAKING CRAZY PILLS! but their society hasnt collapsed under this sinister plant. Marijuana is so easy to obtain that the people smoking it can already get enough weed to smoke all day. They regulate their own weed consumption. Its not affected by the law.

  24. bigdickdaddy Says:

    smoking weed all day is close to impossible King. Any person who can smoke weed all day long without crashing out or getting burned out is smoking shetty weed. Bottom line is it can’t be done. once you smoked enough to get stoned your done. Try doing that with Ice, Coke or Herion, it won’t happen because all you want is more, more and more.

  25. Again, the argument for legalization will only work in the long-run (if it does even work). In the short run weed will still be “cool” and demand will increase by a lot. It will take a long time for us to see benefits. Our society or cultural perception of it will not change overnight just because some bill is passed.

    Honestly I just made my argument up a few nights ago when I posted it. Does anyone see where I’m wrong?

  26. elikapeka Says:

    I agree with what astrangerwithcandy that the illegalization of weed increases the allure. In phsycology they call it the principle of scarcity, people don’t like feeling that they can’t have something, and obtaining that something that their not supposed to have creates a high in itself. And toddml, I agree with what you are saying.

  27. Maybe in the end weed is just a fad. Everything that is popular at one time becomes not popular later on and it will go away on its own, replaces by something that the media wants us to take later on

  28. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    I guess you didn’t hear about the 2,700-year-old marijuana found in a Chinese tomb the other week.

    This is one long ass fad!

  29. thekingofeurope Says:

    stranger – allure has nothing to do w/ it. if it’s legal or illegal, people will still be curious or they’ll have a friend that turns them on to it or one way or another they’ll have their first magical experience with weed.

    jeffrah – those places are not the US, those people have a little thing called self control, something we as a society do not.

    bigdickdaddy – you said you don’t smoke weed earlier, when did you become an expert on weed smoking? and how do you know about wanting more ice, coke, and heroin after doing them?

    you ever see what people high on weed do? nothing, absolutely nothing.
    at least ice heads and coke fiends get shit done. and junkies write good music and occasionally, a good book.

  30. thekingofeurope Says:

    btw, i smoke weed.

  31. bigdickdaddy Says:

    bradda king. you know the saying, “been there done that” well i have been there and back. let’s just say everything you can tell me about getting high has been tryed at least once. what constitutues in someone being an expert anyways? Their addiction and past?

  32. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    King- Enough with those played out stereotypes

    Carl Sagon, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, JFK, Norman Mailer- all toked up, all successful. I’m not even going to get into the amount of actors and musicians that turn on, otherwise we’d be here til next year.

    Weed enhances whatever your disposition may be. A typically productive and competent individual, might find their daily activities a little more interesting and fulfilling. Conversely, If your indolent and smoke pot, odds are you’ll become even lazier. The point is, that every individual should have the legal right to decide for themselves whether or not it’s right for them.

  33. alamoluck007 Says:

    astanger- just because you can list a bunch of famouse celeberties who have commited an illegal crime, doesnt make the crime legal…

  34. alamoluck007 Says:

    or should i say make it right… btw ask any of those people if they think it was wrong for them to do it. You think Obama is going to legalize marijuana? He did it before so shouldnt he see your side? The fact is logical, critical thinkers realize legalizing it would only help to stunt the development of students. I have never tried marijuana, but if it were legal I might have done it. I am sure there are a lot of people who are just like me, and i tremble to think we would have another mind numbing addiction to rival with alchohal.

  35. thekingofeurope Says:

    “The point is, that every individual should have the legal right to decide for themselves whether or not it’s right for them.”

    people have too many rights as it is. a lot of people shouldn’t be making decisions for themselves. really, the government should be regulating everything we come into contact with.

    just because these guys smoked weed doesn’t mean it should be legalized. roman polanski has sex with underage girls and pete townsend downloads child pornagraphy, both successful, should that be legalized? hell amy winehouse smokes crack and last i heard she won 5 grammys. anyone on your list win 5 grammys?

  36. bigdickdaddy Says:

    so now we are comparing smoking weed to having sex with underage girls, child pronagraphy, and smoking crack huh. yes smoking a bowl is legal but only because our government wants it that way. do you think the other governments which have legalized marijuana have laws okaying the behaviors you spoke of King? Marijuana is no different than alcohol and the US government knows it. Why do you think they do not let us vote on the matter? Smoking weed is harmless. Go into any rehab, you will see the people who are there are not there for abusing weed, they are there because they were forced to because of a court stipulation of some kind not because weed is fuckin up their life. try to say the same for crack, alcohol, and ice. Not everyone in the world who drinks alcohol wants to admit themselves in a rehab but they do. They do it because they know they have a drinking problem. Does that mean everyone who drinks has a drinking problem? Don’t try and compare apples and oranges to prove that your values are different from others.

    The only reason marijuana is not legal in the US is because of the different values and beliefs people hold towards it. Too me, the crime doesn’t fit the punishment thats why the laws should be changed.

    soon tabacco will be illegal and all the non-smokers can take pride in taking away something that only kills people right. Have you heard of anybody dying because they smoked to much pot?

  37. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Obama- “I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws” Granted, this was in 2004, and he may have changed his position since then, but this is likely because of his presidential campaign and that sentiment would’ve been to radical for most people. Be that as it may, I’m almost positive that the issue will come up again, and there will be some serious consideration on drug reform. Maybe legalization is too much to ask for, but at least decriminalize it.

    I listed those people because people are still grasping on to this archaic notion that smoking weed will ruin you life. These people smoked weed, and they didn’t lose their jobs, they didn’t lose their families, and they don’t live in fucking trash cans.

    All I’m asking is for you to concede that it’s possible to become a productive member of society while having experimented with MJ.

    P.S- Bob Dylan and The Beatles have more grammys than any crack smoker could ever hope for. I seriously doubt they regret puffing trees.

  38. I will admit that it is very possible, and many people have done it, for someone who has experimented with MJ to become a productive member of society. But it is important to remember that there is a difference between people who have tried weed for short periods of time and people who have used it heavily and extensively for long periods of time.

  39. I feel that the reason why weed is such a teen icon is because it is illegal. When doing things you’re not suppose to, it gives you that adrenaline rush about not getting caught. Another reason why I think marijuana has been such a symbol in society is because it is promoted as healthy. Imagine someone hearing, “This is healthy for you. It can save lives. But wait a minute. It’s totally illegal.

    The symbolic representation of marijuana will not dwindle down until it is represented as an alluring achievement if possessed.

    I think users just want to be in an altered state as well. Sometimes life just gets a little to complicated and we want it to just fade away.

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