Fashion of Different Cultures (Middle East vs. US)

I was looking across news articles pertaining to “fashion” and found this interesting little article surrounded by the many monotonous postings of sexually revealing clothing for US/European designers: link

I’ll admit that I’m a victim of the US media, only being granted opportunities to see what’s currently fashionable in the United States, and maybe parts of Europe. I never thought to research about the current clothing in other countries and of other cultures because, well fashion didn’t really mean much to me anyway. But I’ve been realizing through this course that the current fashion trend can give off a lot about the specific area’s cultural elements. For example, in this article we see clothing from the Middle East as being very conservative in terms of how much skin is revealed, but the colors and designs of the outfits exemplify the naturalistic, religious, and cultural clashes that are also embedded within the actual culture itself:

Compare this to great Victoria Secret fashion show that recently hit Miami Beach:


What does this say about American culture? Do clothes trends really contribute to defining the culture people in specific regions?


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