RELAX… it’s an easy mission!

First think of the teacher who you like the most… you know, the one who you would come to class and listen to even if attendence was not required.  Now tell me how you are totally different from this teacher.  The second part of this mission is to think of the teacher you like the least… one might even use the H word and tell me how you might identify with them.  This should really give me a picture of these teachers, why you like/dislike them, and how you are similar/different to them.  Have fun!


One Response to “RELAX… it’s an easy mission!”

  1. lanikaigrl Says:

    I met one of my favorite teachers while I attended a business college in the evening. He was handsome and intelligent and witty and…black. The fact that he was black is besides the point, but I thought I would add that for the sake of Camouflage Culture. Anyway, a bunch of us would have a few drinks at the bar then go to class. It made class really fun and light. He would tell us stories and make us laugh and he was a great teacher too.
    He was my favorite and most unforgettable teacher, then the strangest thing happened. Recently I read on the front page of the paper that he was a serial killer. I was shocked. I thought that he was such a great man but really he was raping and strangling women on the side of his teaching career. Scary.
    I feel that I have two things in common with this teacher, I have a passion for teaching and I used to live a double life myself, but we won’t get into that right now.
    I feel that we are totally different from each other because, I have never been to prison before among other things.

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