RE: Plastic Punk

I think there is nothing wrong with sampling, i mean artist do it all the time but to steal lyrics from the song is just kind of lame like from Annie or Ozone is just kind of lame lol. I don’t think it is entirely wrong to sample a beat and then reuse it for a composition though 😛 Oh yeah there is a bonus video on the bottom too about the most sampled Beat EVER! so check it out.

Original version O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei

Rianna’s version of O-Zone’s – Dragostea Din Tei

Original Annie song

And well a spoof of Jay-Z’s version by mike meyers

Also as a bonus, If you want to hear the most sampled beat break ever … i mean EVER!! check out the “Amen Break” here is a documentary of it …


6 Responses to “RE: Plastic Punk”

  1. ketsukusa Says:

    yeah people been sampling since the beginning of time. I guess there is nothing wrong with it. But they should credit the original artist though

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    When I first heard “live your life” at the VMAs, I started to laugh cause it reminded me of the numa numa kid who made that song popular in the US, and now its being used as a sample in a Hip-hop song but i do enjoy listening to the song

    Sometimes I wonder if all songs in the future will all be covers or samples of other songs. Seems hard to imagine but does not seem impossible

  3. True that brother they should also do that for cover music… it is kinda stupid to hear like oh that was alien ant farm with smooth criminal… no that was alien ant farm sing Micheal Jackson’s Smooth criminal …..

  4. thekingofeurope Says:

    fucking “numa numa”, this is why the internet should be shut down. pretty soon you’ll start seeing rick astley at the macy’s day parade…

    i think must bands do credit the original artist in the linear notes, otherwise they could get sued.

  5. HAHAH Rick Astley is already in the macy’s thanksgiving day parade lol 😛

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