Re-Italian Vogue’s “All Black Issue”

so this Fashion magazine has a cover that states “all black issue” very misleading and could be offensive.
But they were just talking about black clothes…

I decided to look for some other misleading ads.

USDA, Dairy Industry End Dairy-Weight Loss Advertisements

Misleading milk ad featuring David BeckhamYou’ve seen the advertisements. Trim celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley and Beyoncé tell you that eating three servings of dairy a day will help you lose weight. Thousands of Americans were duped into thinking that dairy product consumption is associated with weight loss because of this slick advertising campaign, which has cost the dairy industry more than $200 million. But now, in response to a petition filed by PCRM with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2005, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and two national dairy organizations have agreed to halt this advertising campaign because existing research does not support the weight-loss claims.


4 Responses to “Re-Italian Vogue’s “All Black Issue””

  1. What sells? Sex sells….it is as simple as that. Any product you want to put out on the market that has a famous fit celebrity is no doubt going to get recognition and probably do well, no matter how falsified that ad is.

  2. lanikaigrl Says:

    Lucky for me, my daughter drinks soy because she is lactose intolerant and I drink soy too. I think the ads are cute though and drinking milk is so 90’s.

  3. Well every woman’s magazine like Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, etc. (yeah I read them from time to time, so what) must have been duped too because I’ve come across numerous articles in the past saying that it was proven that drinking milk promotes weight loss. You would think these big wig magazines would get this sort of info right?

    At least they didn’t put David Beckham in front of like spray paint cans to promote weight loss….or to be less ridiculous, energy drinks. Fat free/1% milk is a relatively healthy thing anyway and people really should be drinking it anyway for sufficient calcium intake.

  4. thekingofeurope Says:

    maybe, at the time it was believed milk was related to weight loss? i mean what about the story w/ eggs, first they’re good, then they’re bad, then the whites are good, but the yolks are bad, etc etc. the only real thing related to weight loss is exercise and properly used diuretics.

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